Cockroach killer gel – Effectiveness, Working, and Benefits

Do you have trouble getting rid of the cockroach? Don’t worry you are not the only one; many others are also going through some difficulties. 

Roaches are the pests who invade your home in search of food, water, and shelter. But the problem is once they enter your home they don’t leave. Once roaches infest your house they can escalate many allergies. 

Roaches also have a plus point of getting multiplied quickly. These little invaders can also pose a serious threat to your family especially kids.

Roach gel is an effective and fastest way to get rid of the cockroach problem. Let us how it works and how effective roach gel is?

Cockroach gel ingredients

Roach gel is a gel bait composition of the active ingredient and other substances. 

Active ingredients

These are substances that are added to terminate the roaches. The most common active ingredient used in roach gel is Fipronil. Some other active ingredient for roach gel is Indoxacarb, sulfuramid, Hydramethylnon, Abamectin, and boric acid.

Fipronil is the least toxic ingredient used in gel bait, sulfuramid is considered to be the most toxic.

Other ingredients

Except for the active ingredient, some other ingredients are added to roach bait to attract roaches. Substances to attract cockroaches are different for various brand products. Roach bait is added with a special fragrance to attract cockroaches.

How it works

how does roach gel bait works?


Roach gel bait works on terminating the whole nest of cockroaches. Bait includes substances to attract the cockroaches to eat the bait. When cockroach consumes the gel bait it doesn’t kill them instantly.

Instead, the roach wanders around and invites other cockroaches too. Roaches are scavengers and eat through one another so some roaches consume bait this way. While some ingest the bait and the whole nest of cockroaches terminates.

Effectiveness of cockroach gel

Gel bait is considered extremely effective against all types of cockroaches. Industries are providing the best solution in the form of gel bait. Gel bait works amazingly against the hardest cockroach (small roaches the German Cockroach) too.

Gel baits can be used in residential and commercial places. It has an easily used technique so cockroach problems can be eliminated easily using roach gel bait.


effectiveness of cockroach gel bait


Gel baits are prominent for killing approx 99% of roaches in just one month. You can also notice the effectiveness of gel bait from the first week. The ¾ part of roaches is terminated after just one week's use.

Benefits of gel over other products

  1. Less messy than any other type of products for cockroaches such as sprays.

  2. Gel baits are safer to use around kids and pets.

  3. More effective than any other product because of its stability over time.

  4. Non-toxic and washable.

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Point to remember

Although it has many benefits there are some points you have to consider before using it. 

  • Gel bait doesn’t work if you use it in places with moisture. 

  • Make sure to use the gel bait in a completely dry place.

  • Apply the grain-like small size of dots so that they don’t run.

  • In the case of infestation apply the dots every 1-meter distance.

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