Cockroach pest control - Odorless or odorous?

Nowadays almost every house has at least one pesticide product. Especially when it comes to cockroaches you can see easily see them roaming around in kitchen cabinets that have closed for quite some time. Even according to the survey held in the U.S., 75% of U.S. houses have pesticide products.

Cockroach pest control formulas consist of many kinds of different chemicals. Each one has different pros and cons, depending on the toxicity of level and many other aspects like odor. Cockroach control comes in different varieties of gel and sprays to name a few.

Odorless pest control medicine is good or odor pest control medicine is good?

Some people are allergic to a strong odor and prefer using a solution that has a strong odor. In the case of people allergic to smell, they often get troubled with the thought of what if the odorless solution doesn’t work on cockroaches killing process.

They often tend to think like, what if cockroaches do not feed on chemical bait that doesn't have an odor. How will they die then?

The answer to these entire questions is that yes! Cockroaches are tending to eat the bait that consists of an attractive odor to them. But it’s not only the solution there are many mechanisms also exist that will kill cockroaches or make them run away without odor.

There present some gel also that contains no odor but are very effective against cockroaches.


cockroach dot - anti cockroach gel


One of the best formulae is Cockroach Dot – Anti Cockroach Gel, it has a very attractive smell to cockroaches but is somehow completely odorless to humans. It’s an organic formula that kills the cockroach's entire nest.

Expect that one can also use the cockroach traps, which lock the cockroaches inside instead of killing them. All you need do with doing it in place near the places you see most cockroaches. And empty it in the dustbin, once it gets filled to trap more cockroaches inside.

What to choose spray or gel

Both work great you choose either. Pesticides are needed to be handle with care and if are going for spray you need to be extra cautious.

Nowadays pests also become smarter that not everything works on them to kill them. you just have to choose what will work for your pests.

Sometimes nothing works for a particular pest type as they get habitués to pesticides. It’s not because the product is bad or useless.

In my personal experience, I would like to suggest using cockroach gel instead of spray. Gel works efficiently great for cockroaches.

The disadvantages of odorous pesticide

One biggest disadvantage that odorous cockroach killers or any other pesticide has is harm to our lungs. Pesticide contains a chemical which if breathed in it can be very hazardous.


disadvantage of odorous pesticide


Some people who are allergic to any strong smell might have big trouble due to the smell of pesticide.

Kids' lungs aren’t fully developed, so if you have kids around it's preferable not to use pesticides in the house. And if you have to use pesticides, use organic pesticides that are safer to use around kids as well.

One who is suffering from asthma it can be deadly for them to use odorous pesticides around. And other might start having asthma and cough problem.

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