Do cockroaches use whiskers to move?

The cockroach is a common insect. Cockroaches are easily recognizable by people. They are usually black or brown-banded, half to two inches (minus their long antennae) long insect. Male species of cockroaches have wings whereas females don’t.

Most cockroaches have vestigial wings (small undeveloped wings) that don’t allow them to fly.

Cockroaches are very similar to other insects in terms of their bodies. Their body is divided into three parts named as “Head”, “Thorax”, and “Abdomen”. Three pairs of joint legs, pair of antennae, and exoskeleton.

Roaches tend to shed their exoskeleton or molt several times in their lifetime. Roaches get white bodies after molting (which is a very week) until they developed a hormone called “Bursicon".


cockroach anatomy


Bursicon is also the reason behind their hardened brown and black exoskeleton.

Roaches have a brain in the head part as any other insect. However, roaches' nerve system activity occurs in a nerve called Ganglia that is located in their bodies. That is also the reason, they can live more than a week even after without ahead.

The other reason is that they don’t need a nose or mouth to breathe. Roaches breathe through the holes present in their sides also known as spiracles. Roaches die in lack of water or are not able to drink water.

What do cockroaches whiskers (antennae) do?

Cockroaches use their antennae extensively for sensing purposes. American cockroaches each antenna is as long as their body. And American species of cockroaches are taken as the most representative species for antenna study.

For cockroaches in several senses, Tactile Sense plays a vital role.


what does cockroach antennae do


Cockroach species are mostly nocturnal and uses Tactile Sense to determine an object's shape, size, and surrounding when they are in dark. Except that cockroaches antennas are also responsible for Thermal and Humidity Senses.

How does cockroach move or run?

The secret behind cockroaches moving so fast is their legs. Cockroaches have three pairs of legs, and each leg has three knees which make eighteen in total. Roaches these 18 joints make every move precise and accurate.

When cockroaches pick on the speed they can run as fast as a human can. Roaches are even considered the fastest insect.

Cockroaches each leg has tiny hair, that make them able to detect negligible movement of air. Through this, they are easily able to find out someone entry in a room. Roaches' legs also have another admirable feature that is a hook-like structure.


How does cockroach move


This hook-like structure of cockroaches allows them to flip easily. And hide or scramble under the table at warp speed.


Cockroach antennae play a very vital role for them but they don’t have anything to do with their moving. The only reason for cockroaches moving so fast is their legs.

Cockroaches are for sure disgusting dirty, smelly and filthy creatures. But their some tricks can put everyone in awe. As we have discussed earlier they are extremely fast.

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