How do get rid of termites in plants?

Termites are always nuisance pests; they are known to destruct the home foundation and furniture. Termites mainly live in either soil or wood. Both play an important factor in your house. As for wood, it is a necessity for your house's interior and exterior as well. And when talking about the soil we all know without using soil as a base, we can’t build our house foundation.

One more thing that can't grow without soil is your plants. If you encounter termites in your precious plant, it can freak you out at only one sight. Although termites don’t devour plants they still can make it difficult for some like marigolds or daisies.

You can use chemicals to kill these termites in no time. But in addition to termites, the chemical will also kill your plant in no time. So the question is there any way to get rid of termites without harming the plants. Let us find out.

There are multiple ways you can use to terminate termites without chemicals. An organic solution is always the answer to this type of question.

Methods to get rid of termites in plants

Termites can be beneficial for the plant, as they dig up the soil which increases the aeration in the soil. Unless your plant is non-woody and termite gets the wood somewhere else. Otherwise, in search of food, they start eating the plant roots and end up killing them.

Out of all the solutions we hear or find through our elders, or online I suggest using organic once. An organic solution is always the choice as it doesn’t cause any side effects. When it comes to plants it becomes even more necessary as chemical side effects can kill the plant. Here are some best organic or natural solutions to get rid of plant termites.

Termite Bait/ trap for termites

Termite Bait station


If we count safety as the priority nothing can beat bait solution.

  1. Termite bait can be planted with wood bait to lure the termites.

  2. Inspect the station to make sure all termites are coming to it.

  3. Once termites are attracted to the bait station, replace the bait with a toxic one. It will terminate the whole termite colony without harming your plant. This toxic substance sticks to the termite body and spread to all other infected ones that come in contact with it.

Use beneficial insects

There are many birds, reptiles, and insects that like to devour termites. If you have plants outdoors this method is definitely for you. Attract some beneficial plants like lizards and ants to terminate termites.

Lizards, ants, wasps, beetles, spiders, etc are the name of a few insects that eat up termites.

Home substances for termites

Orange peels and orange oil is great termite repellent. It comes from a plant and is completely safe from plants. Orange peels or oil has the substance D-limonene which is a pest control substance. D-limonene present in orange oil impairs the termite skeleton. It also terminates the protein and water from their bodies.

Plants to repel plant problems

  • We often find Aloe Vera in the garden, but you might not know that it is a great source to kill termites.

  • Cut the leave of Aloe Vera, Crush it and make a mixture with the use of water. Just spray the solution in the infested area to get rid of termites.

  • This method is chemical free so it can take little time to repel termites. In addition to that, you need to spray the solution on regular basis for quite some time.

Know dos and don’ts

If you know what you are dealing with it can be lot easier to fight them. Otherwise in terms of dealing with pest we will try number of things, which will waste our time and efforts. It can also result with many side effects.

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  • Jul 14, 2022
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Sam Andrews March 16, 2023

My wife and I just couldn’t stand the presence of termites in our backyard. It’s about time we call an exterminator to get rid of them once and for all. In the meantime, I have to thank you for showing us that timber-based bait could be useful in driving termites out of the intended area.

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