How to get rid of mosquitoes naturally?

Mosquitoes are both so annoying and irritating. Mosquitoes can be infuriating us by just their buzzing. And they also give red, itchy skin by their bites. Although not all, mosquitoes are also famous for escalating allergies, malaria, dengue, fever, and typhoid.

When you live in a country like India it’s nearly impossible not to face mosquitoes as a challenge. To get rid of them, we buy coil, spray repellent, which contains chemicals in it. With the help of these chemicals, we surely get rid of mosquitoes, but what the illness they give us.

These chemical containing repellent is the source of breathing problem, asthma, and other respiratory system problems. Then what to do? If you are also looking for natural ways like me, then your forage has come to an end now. We are going to talk through the best natural ways to get rid of mosquitoes.

Natural way to stop mosquitoes enter your house

Mosquitoes are most vexatious when they took place inside our house with us. Having them in the yard is way better than having them during bedtime. And during the night they capture them becomes even more difficult.


If you don’t have any allergies to smoke then choosing this technique will be the best option for you. Camphor's strong odor makes mosquitoes crazy and influences them to leave your house.

For using camphor close all the doors and windows and light the camphor. Leave this for 30 minutes and you will notice there is no mosquito left in your house.


Garlic has a pungent smell which pest hate and can’t stand by that odor. But when it comes to mosquitoes they don’t only run away by this smell rather if you spray garlic spray on mosquitoes it will kill them.  

Crush some cloves of garlic and mix/shake well with water you can grind the garlic with water, fill it in a spray bottle. Spay the solution in every corner of the house, under the bed, tables, and all hiding places. Mosquitoes are most like to be present in hiding places.

Cloves and lemon

lemon and clove as mosquito repellent

This is the simplest method to get rid of mosquitoes all you have to do is cut the lemon in two halves. Put 2 or 3 cloves in it and place this near the windows and in corners to get rid of mosquitoes.

Coffee Grounds

The coffee ground can be found in almost every house and this makes the most common and effective method to be used. Stagnant water invites more mosquitoes around. And all you need to do is put the coffee ground in stagnant water.

Mosquito's eggs will float in stagnant water and will eventually die because of no oxygen. This method will not let mosquitoes' bread live and at last, all the mosquitoes will reach their end.

Note: Mosquitoes don’t have a long life but they doubled up so fast that we don’t realize that, mosquitoes present in our house are new ones or the old ones.

Essential oil to keep mosquitoes at bay

Essential oil could be a great source of keeping mosquitoes at bay with great aroma all over your house. Although there are many essential oils are present which can keep mosquitoes away but the neem oil, camphor oil, peppermint essential oil, and lavender essential oil work amazingly.

We have discussed how camphor works to get rid of mosquitoes. If you are allergic to smoke then this might work for you in place of camphor you can also burn camphor oil. Its essence is long-lasting and you will not see any mosquitoes for long after once use it.


essential oil for mosquito

You can also use mixing an equal amount of neem and lavender essential oil dilute it with any carrier oil and apply it to your skin. This solution will protect you from mosquito bites. Neem oil will work much better than any repellent available on market.

Peppermint essential oil has a chemical compound that will not only keep mosquitoes away from you rather its mint smell will freshen up your whole day with freshness.

Plants as mosquitoes repellent

Some plants like catnip and citronella are known as pest repellent plants especially for mosquitoes. These plants will stop mosquitoes from entering your house. Keep citronella and catnip at your doorstep or in your garden keep mosquitoes away from your house. This will also increase the beauty of your house.

Mosquitoes are a very little and common pest that can threaten us by their presence. Although not commonly they cause dangerous health effects but it takes no time if they will spread diseases like malaria and typhoid.

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