How to get rid of the lizard without killing them?

Lizards are a widespread name we hear in Indian families. Keeping your home and premises pest-free is how to maintain your hygiene. Pests are like the little devil who shows up and startles us when we open drawers and cupboards. Unfortunately, these little pests also put our home hygiene at risk.

In all home pests, when we hear lizard, it scares every breath; they don't only crawl on the floor and wall but also crawl on top. The thought that they don't fall on us does not let anyone sleep peacefully. So although not every lizard that presents in our house is dangerous, it still disgusts having them around.

Common lizards are known as geckos and are not poisonous, so they aren't harmful. But they can still poop and pee all over the house, making it dirty. And not only that, they fall into our food made with a lot of effort.

Why does the lizard enter the house?

Although lizards are unwanted pests, we don't understand why they enter our house. To trouble us!

Warm temperatures and moisture invite pests, including a lizard.

Little pests like mosquitoescockroaches, and flies also invite lizards to our houses.

Exhaust fan space, holes, open windows, and air vents let them inside our house.

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Natural ways to get lizard free home

Once enter, lizards only leave our house if we put them out. Many home remedies and ways are available to make lizards way. We are discussing some I found helpful to get rid of lizards.

Naphthalene balls

Remember our elders placing naphthalene balls inside boxes with warm clothes and empty drawers? Did you ever think about why they did so? The answer is that it keeps creepy crawlies away.

If you don't have pets and kids, this solution is for you. You can place naphthalene balls in drawers in corners to eliminate lizards. Naphthalene balls have a pungent odor, which is tolerable to humans, but lizards can't stand it and get irritated by this smell.

Coffee balls

Well, do you like the smell of coffee? You must be. It's very refreshing. But not for the lizards; the scent you want can be ideal for making lizards run out. Mix the coffee powder with tobacco powder and make small balls.

Place these balls around corners, inside drawers, and cabinets lizard will make their way out by smelling them. In case they take a bite of these balls, it will kill them.


cold water to make lizard run


If you are not frightened of lizards and ready to catch them, the method will work for you. Lizards love to be in a warm place and can't stand it if it gets colder nearby. So splashing cold water on lizards will make them crazy.

Pepper spray

Pepper spray can be the best remedy to keep these creepy pests away from your house. Who can stand to pepper spray lizards are allergic to it and stay away from it. And it's straightforward to make. You can create one at your home by yourself.

To make the pepper spray, stir the hottest pepper with water and pour it into every corner around the house.

Note: make sure to cover the eyes and wear a mask while making this solution; otherwise, it can irritate your eyes and make you uncomfortable.

Onion and garlic

Like naphthalene, onion, and garlic also have a pungent smell that lizards hate. Putting cloves of raw garlic and onion in corners can keep the lizards at bay. After sometimes some, we will get used to this smell, but it will persist strong enough to drive the lizard crazy.

You also make a spray using onion or garlic. If you don't want t, place slices of onion and garlic cloves in every corner.

Do Feathers keep lizards away?

It is the right choice if you are searching for a harmless method of removing lizards. Peacock is famous as a predator of lizards. And every pest will run from its predators. Honestly, feathers are not repellent, but they keep lizards out of your house.

Placing a bunch of peacock feathers at the door wall will make a tremendously beautiful entrance and keep lizards at bay.

keep lizard away with peacock feather


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Prevention schemes

Maintaining hygiene and a clean house is the only way to keep the pest at bay.

  • Keep the door, and windows closed to stop lizards from entering the home.
  • Seal the small cracks and holes present in your house.
  • Discards the clutter and wastes time regularly.
  • Keep the house clean. And maintain the house's temperature to a bit cold; warmth attracts lizards.
  • If you are a pet lover, adopting a cat will also help keep the lizard at bay.

Lizards are like unwanted guests inside your house. But if you still have a soft corner for them, you can also use traps to eliminate lizards. Remember to take precautions once you get rid of pests so that they can never return to your home.

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