Is bed bug Toxic for health?

Bed bugs are very nuisance, but not considered a toxic pest.  The bed bug doesn’t spread disease.

A bed bug was first encountered in the 11th century in Germany and it is believed that it originated in the Middle East. Bed bugs live with humans, their survival depends on our survival. They typically survive on human blood only. This can be the biggest reason why bed bugs don’t spread or transmit disease to a human.

However bed bugs are not founded to transmit any kind of disease yet, but there are present some health risks associated with them. Bed bugs could be responsible for health issues from mild to serious.

How do bed bugs bite?

Bed bugs are usually tended to bite on a human exposed area like the neck, hand, face, and legs. Bed bugs feed on our blood and this is the main reason they are found hiding at the place where we sit or sleep (like on sofa corner, bed cervix, bed corners, bed cracks). Bed bug mostly bites us at the time when we sleep or our body doesn’t have any moment for a while so that their bites won’t be noticed by anyone. Bed bugs are known to bite in series of 6-7 bites at a time.

Are bed bug bites poisonous?

Bed bug bites aren’t poisonous; they are not even noticeable instantly. This is also the biggest reason why bed bug infestation is the hardest to find out about. Also, bed bug bites look-alike mosquito bites. The most common health issue which is related to bed bug bites is itching. Bed bug bites often result in big red bumps or welts on the skin within a couple of days after they bite. In some people, the reaction may take up to a week or two, and for some bites won’t even react.

People infected with bed bug bites urge to itch the bite area which can cause skin damage and may lead to many other reactions also. Although taking care and controlling the urge to scratch can prevent serious causes. But still, if you find any persistent reaction on your body of bed bug bites you should consider consulting with the doctor.

Bed bug bites can disrupt your life. And one biggest disruptions is loss of sleep, which can lead to many other problems in your life. Like bad work performance, driving safety, which can be very dangerous and requires full attention.

Prevention Schemes to bed bug infestation

Their various method or way can use to prevent bedbugs from making an entrance to your homes.

 One of the biggest points you should be careful about is if you stay overnight anywhere outside then it might opportunity to bed bug to relocate, so carefully check your sleep area and luggage if anyhow they get infested from a bed bug.

Related Why do Bed Bugs Come Back

  1. Carefully inspect the things that newly come to your house, especially if you are buying any second-hand furniture or other stuff.
  2. Inspect the house properly if you are moving to any other furniture house.
  3. Carefully check on the bed corners while changing the bedding. The bed bug can feed on our blood and not be detected for months.
  4. When you return from an overnight trip make sure to check on your belongings, and leave the luggage outside for a day or more, especially far away from the place where you sleep or take a rest.
  5. If you are going to stay in hotels for any reason then make sure to inspect the hotel room carefully that it is not infested by bed bugs.
  6. In some way, it provides comfort that bed bugs don’t transmit any disease but who likes to be food party for this kind of nuisance pest.

Nobody wants any kind of disruption in their sleep, which can be present if you have bed bug infestation as they leave a very disgusting like smell.

Although bed bug is hard to deal with there is nothing we can’t deal with if try with complete care and determination. And with some precaution and help, we can get rid of bed bugs as well.

  • May 10, 2021
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Kenneth Williams April 29, 2022

Is impertigo a secondary infection of bed bug bités?

tamanna May 09, 2022

Impertigo is an infection caused by bacteria. Bed bugs doesn’t spread it. Although scratches or bites bed bugs give us can be the medium for Inpertigo bacteria to go inside our body.

Sandy Wheeler January 22, 2023

If you get a big enough bed bug infestation and it is not cleared up for 5 years you get almost suicidal because of lack of sleep that itching the anxiety and depression that comes along with it so I do think bed bugs can be fatal if coupled with some other problem like chronic depression. It’s so bad and I can’t get out that I’ve considered jumping off the bridge cuz I can’t stand this. I’m not going to do that I’m hoping to move in 2 weeks but they can be dangerous to your mental state

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