Is cockroach repellent poisonous to humans?

Cockroach repellent is an insecticide that is used to terminate the roach problem. Any pesticides that we use at home have some chemicals that can be harmful to us. But can a small amount of pesticide use also harm us?

Let’s talk about one common pesticide you can see in every second home “Cockroach killer”! How poisonous a cockroach killer product depends on its active ingredient. I won’t say that every product we use for cockroach termination is dangerous.

But you may be surprised to know that some cockroach killers have very harsh chemicals such as sulfuramid. These can cause serious damage to your health. If we talk about cockroach killers, sprays they are more likely to have harmful chemicals than gel bait.

Gel bait mostly has “fipronil” or “boric acid” as the active ingredient. They are indeed harmful but consuming a small amount of them isn’t dangerous.

How much quantity of active ingredient is added is also an important factor when talking about the toxicity of the product.

Boric acid and fipronil are considered as least toxic active elements used in cockroach killer gel bait.

If you have consumed a small amount of bait chronic symptoms will be vomiting, nausea, upset stomach, fatigue, and diarrhea to name a few. In addition to that, some may also have acute symptoms like stool discoloration (maybe green or blue).

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But if gel bait is also consumed in a large amount you may have to face symptoms like redness, blistering, and skin sloughing.

How does boric acid act?

is boric acid safe?


Let us talk about how boric acid works on a cockroach and how it can be dangerous to a human? As I discussed earlier also boric acid is one of the least toxic active ingredients used in cockroach killers.

Boric acid simply disrupts the stomach of insect and attack the pest nervous system. Boric acid also damages pests’ exterior bodies.

But that doesn’t make it any safer to use. If boric acid is consumed in powdered form it can give you chronic to acute effects mostly acute. You may suffer from chronic exposure to boric acid if you are working with it frequently.

Symptoms of boric acid exposure include

  • Diarrhea

  • Blue-green vomit

  • Stool discoloration

  • Blister

  • Bright red rashes

  • Sloughing of skin

  • Collapse

  • Drowsiness

  • Low blood pressure

  • Twitching in face muscle, arm muscle, legs muscle, hand and feet muscle.

What should be done?

You must be surprised if the least toxic ingredient can cause that much harm then what would be safe to use? We don’t always need to use the chemical to get rid of our problems. We can choose an organic alternative, they work as effectively as any other chemical-based product.

But organic solutions are completely safe to use around kids and pets. Do not cause any harm to your health and environment.

Except for organic solutions, there is also the option of using home remedies. Some solutions are present in our kitchen that can help us to keep the pests at bay without causing any harm.

Do organic solutions/home remedies work?

organic v/s chemical


Home remedies are the best option if you choose safety as your priority. Some substances work great against roach problems like lemon and clove, bay leaves, and many more. I won’t say that they will provide the result as fast as chemical-based products.

But they surely are effective to get rid of pest problems without harming your health a little bit.

I hope that this blog helped you to differentiate what option you will like to choose for your pest problem. Any products available intend to decrease your problem.

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So don’t overuse anything and read the instruction well before use so that solution doesn’t become another problem.

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Michael March 04, 2023

If you clean the frying pan with it and watch the prime frame out do it be harmful to you

Michael March 04, 2023

If you clean the frying pan with it and watch the prime frame out do it be harmful to you

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