Is it harmful if cockroach pesticide spray goes into the eyes?

Do you know when was cockroach 1st time encountered on our planet. It’s the time when dinosaurs used to be present. Yes! Shocking right, but they are here since the time of dinosaurs. Dinosaurs are vanished many more insects got vanished but cockroaches are still here to make our life difficult.

Cockroach size is so small now that they can easily hide in cervices and cracks. And you know what they multiply in number so fast and will infest your house in a day. Cockroaches also carry diseases and are the reason for frequent sicknesses like food poisoning.

And it doesn’t stop here the mental illness they give is also at another level. Which makes you use some solution and in frustration sometimes they use the very first product they encountered and find good. Sometimes without even thinking about the aftereffect of the procedure.

Many solutions are used by homeowners to control cockroaches like cockroach control bait. One of the famous solutions is cockroach spray, which provides the solution. But it comes with many other side effects and problems.

Cockroach killer pesticides

Cockroach killer pesticides and almost every chemical-based pesticides include harsh chemicals. They have acute effects if go inside your body through consumption, and inhalation.

It mainly encompasses synthetic pyrethroid such as pyrethrin, pyrethrum extract, and pyrethroids as active ingredients. These chemicals are extremely dangerous if inhaled, swallowed, or consumed anyhow.

cockroach killer pesticide

The other chemical which is present in cockroach killer sprays is Deltamethrin, propoxur, metaldehyde, M-Cresol, and, cyfluthrin.

These chemicals present in cockroach killers are dangerous if sprayed on the skin. And may result in loss of eyesight, if it goes inside the eye and is not treated on time.

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Pesticides chemical acute and chronic effects on human

  1. Blindness

  2. Stinging eyes

  3. Skin irritation, if absorbed by the skin.

  4. Diarrhea

  5. Rashes and blisters

  6. Nausea and dizziness

  7. Infertility and spontaneous abortion in pregnant women.

  8. Toxic to the respiratory system.

If you read the instructions mention on the product, it is also mentioned to keep away from children and use safely.


pesticide spray effects

Immediate response if spray goes inside eye

  • The very first step you should take immediately is to run water through your eyes for plenty of time or 15 to 20 minutes continuously.

  • You can also get a shower immediately.

  • Blink your eyes while water running through them.

  • If you feel no other effect after that you can rest otherwise consult a doctor.

Precaution while using sprays

  1. Wear protective clothes, hand gloves, and a mask.

  2. Read the instruction carefully mention on the pesticide container before spraying.

  3. Keep children and golden outside before start spraying, and stay away from the spraying place if you have any allergies with duct and strong odor.  

  4. Do not try to smell the spray solution in curiosity.

  5. Check the ingredients carefully before buying pesticides sprays.

  6. Do not consume anything during spraying.

  7. Do not overspray the solution to a fast result.

  8. After spraying pesticides wash your hands, face, and legs completely with clean water.

  9. Do not eat or drink anything before washing your hands.

  10. Do not stay in the room for long where spraying has been done. Consider staying in some other place if you have conducted pest control service.

Pesticides have very sides effects, consider using them only in a situation where it necessitates using them. You can always choose any other alternative of pesticides like organic solutions or natural pesticides with fewer chemicals.

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