Is termite and termite repellent poisonous? What happens if person consume it?

 Termites can be real menace being in our house. Termite infestation is also reason for approximately 35 % damage in India. This damage includes destruction in households and fields.  So its definite we need to control these destroying pests.

Termites don’t posses any harm to human health. Even their jaw they bite from, are that small it doesn’t even leave any mark on human body. People with allergies and sensitive with dust are still in risk with termite presence. As termites create dust mites which can be the reason of attack for asthma patients.

But one more question is it safe using termite controlling pesticides? Lot of different types of chemicals is used to treat the termites. Pesticides chemical can have many residual effects and can be poisonous too if consumed.

But if these chemicals are handled carefully they don’t possess any harm. If proper precautions are taken and all the instruction is followed then there is need to concern about side effect.

Dangerous termite pesticide

Risk of termite infestation is big as they can cause economical damage. But risk with the use of termite pesticides is bigger. These chemicals are used to terminate the mites. But termite pesticide includes many harmful chemical that can be unsafe for your family, you and your pets.

Pest control exterminator also advice to stay out of reach of chemical for a time being. Still some doesn’t focus on that and go inside. This can be extremely harmful for your health especially for kids whose internal system is not even developed fully.

Effects of termite pesticide

Some people just the chemical from any store and use themselves for treatment. This can be highly dangerous situation for the person. If somehow chemical come in touch with your skin, inhaled, or consumed this can take you the hospital.

Some general side effects of chemical contact are skin or eye burning, redness, blisters, dizziness, other allergic reaction like asthma etc. Moreover severe reaction can be permanent loss of eyesight, system failure and many more. In addition to that wrong use of pesticide can lead to damage of ceiling, floors, walls, and in some cases risk of collapsing.

Other solutions

If you are going to do the treatment yourself I would suggest using Organic Termite Repellent. Organic repellent are made from plant chemical that has 0.01% of toxicity too human health. Also safe using around kids and pets in house.

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  • Jul 21, 2022
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Kay Nebeker August 22, 2023

Hi, I am getting local termite treatment very soon. What is my concern is that termite company told me that they will be spraying the attic also. I am very worried that chemicals that they spray inside the attic will harm me and my family’s health especially because of the bedrooms is in upstairs. Please let me know what do you think. Thank you

Nusrat October 09, 2023

Hi there. You should leave ur house for at least 15 days if they spray inside the house . Bedrooms etc.

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