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Are you one of those people who are troubling with the little devil-like pests? You don’t need to worry anymore, these little pests taking over every second house. We came with an organic solution to get rid of these nasty pests, now you don’t need to think about the side effects that chemical pest control causes.

We strongly believe that healthy outside starts with the inside “Clean Home Clean Globe”. Making our environment healthy will make our world healthy. Our ethos is to make our society and world a better place for our future generation.

Using the genetically modified product or chemical-based products are equally hazardous to humans, animals, and environment. And every time we used these chemical-containing products we put our future and future generation at risk.

At pai organics, we are obligate to provide our customers with 100% organic and 100% effective pest control products. Our products are made of herbals, minerals of the earth, and natural extracts are taken from natural aspects. We use a special formulation to make our product with natural herbs.

Pai Organic Cockroach Dot – Anti Cockroach Gel

The cockroach dot kills the nest of the cockroaches and puts an end to their whole existence. The advanced formula of cockroach gel terminates all species of cockroaches within three hours.


cockroach dot - cockroach killer gel
  • To curb cockroaches it contains Fipronil as an active ingredient (0.05% only) which is internationally approved as cockroach killing subdue.

  • It is combined with food fragrance which attracts cockroaches to eat the bait.

  • It targets all species of cockroaches German, American, Brown-banded, Australian to name a few.

  • It has long-lasting results.

  • Very effective and which target cockroaches with tiny to the bigger size.

How to Use Cockroach Gel

  1. For heavy infestation use 3 – 5 dots in the 1-meter distance.

  2. For moderate infestation use 1 – 3 dots in the 1-meter distance.

  3. For quick control apply the gel bait at every 1-meter distance.

  4. Never forget to apply the gel bait in every corner of drawers, rooms, cupboards, and behind the fridge, behind the Doors, crack, etc.

This organically made product works effectively against all sizes of cockroaches and all species of cockroaches.

Pai organics Cockroach Dot Injection – Anti Cockroach Gel

Pai organics cockroach dot injection comes with the advanced formula of “Neem Extract” which kills all stages of cockroaches super fast.

It has very easy-to-use technology, and because of the very thin syringe at the front end, it can reach small hiding places like cracks, which is mostly the favorite place to hide for cockroaches.


cockroach dot injection

You can apply this extract gel without removing any appliance from the kitchen.

Other using strategies are the same as cockroach gel tubes.

Pai organics Mosquito Killer

With the leading factor of global warming the risks of malaria, dengue, chikungunya, and zika virus, like diseases also increasing. These diseases are mostly the result of the viruses carried by the mosquito. So with the increasing rate of these diseases make it very crucial to control the mosquito to enter your house.

Pai organics Mosquito killer is a certified organic product that fights against the mosquito to protect your family from dangerous diseases like dengue and malaria.


anti mosquito killer
  • Pai organics mosquito killer is made by a natural blend of essential oil such as Citronella, Lemon Eucalyptus, Mint Neem, and Tulsi.

  • The anti-mosquito spray is 100% nontoxic and Deet-free.

  • This blend of natural essential oil works against mosquitoes for up to 12 hours.

  • It is completely safe for your kids and pets and family.

Pai Organics Insect Killer – General Pest Control

Pai organics insect killer made by organically extracted compound from aromatic plants added with organic neem extract which repels all kind of insects and mosquito as well.

  • General pest control keeps these little but nuisance insects out of your house.

  • It comes in concentrated liquid which is used by mix with water.

  • It is a very useful organic pest control solution for not only home use but also for corporate offices, hospitals, malls, and schools.

  • It has easy to use application and is 100% safe for kids, pets, and your family.

How to use


general pest control - insect killer
  1. General pest control does it yourself formula.

  2. To use this insect killer all you need to do is mix this highly concentrated solution with water, fill it in a spray bottle.

  3. And it is all ready to use.






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