Top-10 bed bug infected cities of the world

The bedbug is a very filthy, nuisance pest, and in some cities, it’s become almost impossible to deal with bed bugs. Although bed bugs don’t spread any disease they are a big troublemaker to you and your piece. Bed bugs are enough to make you think about “oh god, how to get rid of bed bugs”.

Bed bugs are small oval-shaped and tiny size pests of white color. Bed bugs feed on human blood and get converted in some reddish color, which feels very disgusting even only looking at them. The bed bug can easily live several days without blood i.e. can spend several days in your home waiting for you so they may able to feed on your blood.

There is a list of cities where an infestation of bed bug reaches its top:

1.      Chicago
2.      Washington DC
3.      Baltimore
4.      Detroit
5.      Columbus OH
6.      Cleveland OH
7.      Indianapolis
8.      Cincinnati
9.      Los Angeles
10.  Grand Rapids MI


Where does bed bug hide?

Bed bugs are so tiny that they can effortlessly hide in corners, cracks, and services? Bed bug hides at the places where it can easily bite you. Bed bugs are mostly tending to hide at bed corners and cracks, sofa corners, window cervices, door corners, and under the carpet. The bed can be in other places too and later move to the places where it can feed on your blood.

Can bed bugs harm you?

As I have said bed bugs don’t spread diseases but they feed on your blood and their bites are very painful. Bed bug bites are known to cause red bumps or red patches all over the place where they bite you. Bed bug bites are very itchy and often in a line or cluster with multiple bites group together.

Although bed bugs can bite you anywhere they usually bite the exposed area of the body such as the neck, hand, face, arms, and legs, etc. Bed bug mostly bites you while you sleep.

Why bed bugs enter your house?

Bed bugs don’t enter your house looking for warmth, humidity, and unhygienic surrounding like cockroaches and other pests. They can enter your residence even after complete hygiene. Then why do they come? (Also read Why do bed bugs come back?)

They make existence to your house when you visit somewhere, and the place was infested by bed bugs. Or they come with your belongings, your luggage when you visit abroad, or other areas infested with bed bugs.

Top 10-bed bug cities:

1.      Chicago:

Windy cities are widely popular when it comes to planning about touring abroad. And Chicago is broadly popular for that almost 48 million people visit Chicago every year. Although during covid – 19 phase there was less tourist in 2020 but still according to the Orkin’s conduct bed bug treatment report in metro city-states that Chicago reaches to number 1 position this year in bed bug city list even though Chicago was on number 3 last year.

2.      Washington DC:

It was a city that maintains its popularity at the top for the last 3 years but somehow lands to number 2 this year.

3.      Detroit and Baltimore:

Detroit and Baltimore majorly attract tourists because of their Fox Theater and water art gallery or museum art respectively but they are also known to be found in the top 10-bed bug city list.

4.      Columbus OH:

This city has a population of 1644000 and this is known as a growing and prospering city and still falls at number 5 to top bed bug city list according to Orkin’s December 2019 to November 2020. So it forces us to think that what will happen if bed bug infestation occurs in India.

5.      Grand Rapids MI and Cleveland OH:

Grand Rapids MI and Cleveland OH weren’t included in the top-10 list according to last year's report but this time reports prove them to be at number 10 and 6 respectively.

6.      Indianapolis:

Indianapolis is famous for hosting the world’s largest single-day sporting event number of population that join this event increases every year last year it increased by 1.46%. and if this year you are also planning t join this event which will take place on 23 August this year. Then this might be subject to concern because every year with the increasing number of the population that join this event number of bed bug that exists in this city also increasing.

7.      Los Angeles:

Almost everyone especially when it comes to people who are crazy for Hollywood knows that it’s a city where you can meet or your favorite celebrity in person, as this is widely known for its TV, movie, and music industry. But very little one knows that it’s also known for its bed bug popularity, yes! It falls into number 9 in the top 10-bed bug city list.

The cities we discussed are taken from Orkin’s conducted bed bug treatment in metro cities list from December 2019 to November 2020.

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