What are some different types of termite treatment?

If you encounter termites in your house immediately take action to treat them. Termite is a problem that can damage your premises or home bought with your hard-earned money. They also make a way for other pests to enter your home. 

One question that immediately comes at that time is “What to do to control them?” termites bring an unhygienic environment with them. Encountering mud-like trails on the wall and door corner is irritating. Termite treatment on time is necessary but selecting the right treatment is equally important. 

We have three standard methods to treat the termite problem.

  1. Soil treatment

  2. Wood treatment

  3. Bait treatment

Soil treatment

Since soil is one of the favorite places for a termite to live. In this method, the soil is treated with termiticide. In this method, the soil is treated to prevent the soil from termites. This type of treatment helps the soil to terminate the termite problem.

Wood treatment

Wood is treated in multiple ways by professionals or homeowners. Wood treatment includes sprays, foggers, surface sprays, and many more ways to end termite colonies. Most pest control professionals are called for termite treatment considering the difficulty for handle termites. 

In this method, premises are treated with different chemicals or repellent.

Termites repellent and sprays (Non-chemical or chemical treatments)

A lot of organic or chemical-based repellents are available in the marketplace to treat termite problems. Chemical repellents are used mostly as they are considered to give a fast solution. But they tend to give many side effects with the solution.

So I believe organic solutions are best they provide a good result as any other chemical-based along with no side effects on health. Organic solutions are eco-friendly and safe for nature as well.

termite repellent


Pai’s organic Termite Repellent is one of the best organic repellents to control the termite problem. It is a certified organic product that provides 100% effectiveness, along with eco-friendly and non-toxic properties.

Other than sprays and repellents non-chemical methods can also include physical barriers. One example of physical barriers is Termite Bait System.

Bait system

The bait system is one of the great solutions for terminating termite colonies. Pest control professionals install the bait system at your home on a fixed frequency. Frequency is set at the level that ensures to keep the termites at bay.

This method doesn’t only deal with the termites but also handles the whole colony r nest and terminates them.

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Prevention technique for termites

If we pay little attention ]during the construction of the house, we can prevent future damages that termites can give. Inspection can act as primary to reduce the pest problem. Inspection will allow us to know about the infestation in the early stages that lead to an early solution. Some points we should be careful about.

  • Leave some space between the wood and soil to ensure ventilation. Termites are mostly invited by moisture.

  • After construction makes sure to keep the foundation dry.

  • Fix the leakage problem as soon as possible if you have any.

  • Make sure to keep the vents free from blockage.

  • Fill up the cracks and any opening that is present unnecessarily. These gaps can invite termites to enter your house.

  • Do not allow the tree or plant to expose against the wood structure. Plants will lead the way for water to reach the wood. And this eventually will develop pest problems, especially termites.

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