What are the charges for pest control in India?


Pests are little filthy and nuisance creatures that can give us headaches even by only their appearance. There is numerous kind of pest which we are familiar with mosquitoes, cockroach, ants, rodents like rats, termites, lizard, bedbug, flies, fleas to name a few. Everyone desire to get rid of that evil-like creature whether it’s your home or workplace.

It would be a prominent way to your premises pest-free in nearly no time. But you must have concerned about what charges it will take to get pest control done at your home/workplace. Some might be interested in what minimum and maximum it will take to get your premises pest-free. Here is everything you want to know about pest control services and prizes.


Why pest control


As I already discussed pests are very nuisance, but that is not only it pest can cause harm to your health and to your belongings. For example, the cockroach has dreadful on health; they can cause malaria, diarrhea, and food poisoning to name a few. And the presence of termites and rats are not ignorant, they are exasperating and can cause big damage to premises.

Pest control is a way to get rid of all this stress and stay happy and keeping the premises safe.

Charges of pest control

Charges of the pest control services depend on several factors. It can be different with distinct cities. Different pest control companies may also use different price lists. Minimum charges for pest control starts with Rs. 800 and can goes to a maximum of Rs. 2500 and more. The factors on which charges primarily depends comprise

  1. Kind of treatment
  2. Type of bug
  3. Level of infestation
  4. Area of premises
  5. Number of treatment applied

Pest control charges According to the area of premises


Treatment Type
Prize for 
(in Rs.)
Prize for
  2 BHK
(in Rs.)
Prize for
  3 BHK
(in Rs.)
Prize for 
4-5 BHK
(in Rs.)
Basic Treatment 600-800 950-1150 1200-1500 1200-1500
General Pest Control 800 1100 1300 1500-2000
Cockroach 550-799 750-900 950-1000 1050-1600
Bedbug 900-1500 1500-2200 2200-3000 2500-4000
Cockroach and Bedbug  1100-1400 1500-1800 1850-2000 2300-2500
Mosquito 1700 1900 2300 2500
Mosquito and flies 450-650 650-800 850-1000 1050-1200
Rats/Rodents 400-499 600-849 800-950 1000-1399
Ants 749 849 949 1199-1399


These prices may vary with different cities, and also depends on the factors described above. The final price depends on the home inspection.

In place of calling a pest exterminator, you can also make use of pest control products and other organic methods to deal with a pest problem. There are also several natural ways to keep these invaders out of your home. These natural and organic ways may consume time to get rid of pests. So if you don’t have much time you should avoid using them.

But organic methods, pest control products, and natural methods are cost-effective methods.

When to call a pest control

The earlier you know about the pest problem easier they are handle to. And more it spreads tougher they are handling to therefore call the pest control as soon as you come to know about these nasty intruders.

Sign of infestation

Distinct pest have a different sign of infestation some of them are

  1. Some pests like cockroaches and bed bugs have nasty smells around them when you feel some weird smell all over your house you may have a pest infestation.
  2. When you find nests of pests in the corner or services of your house.
  3. The moment you start finding bugs on your clothes.
  4. Trembling furniture.

(Know More about Bed Bug Infestation)

Things to keep in mind before calling pest control

Pest control exterminators use chemicals to control pests so make sure to either empty all the food containers or curb them in an airtight container.

Vacant the residence if required.

Make sure to stay outside while pest control or wear the mask.

Ask for a pest control exterminator for precautions.

Pest control service prices differ on many factors, be cautious before choosing to invite pest control exterminators.


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