What attracts cockroaches to cockroach killer gel bait?

Shopping for gel bait? The applause you have probably selected is the best option to deal with cockroaches. But looking for a question like this means you are still fighting with the question of what to select from numerous gel baits.

Let’s dig into the fact that what makes cockroach gel bait? What goes into gel bait that makes it effective against cockroaches? How does it attract cockroaches to eat the bait?

Cockroach killer gel – an overview

Cockroach killer gel is not only used by homeowners but is also used in a big organization, and by professionals as well despite sprays. It has extraordinary and fast outcomes than any other method. In addition to that, it is safer than other methods like spray.

How does roach gel work?

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Roach bait gel is used on the floor or walls or cabinets as a small dots application. The distance between the dots varies with the level of infestation level. It would prefer to apply the dots in every 1 meters distance.

Roach bait attracts the cockroaches to eat the bait until their last meal. Bait consists fragrance or compound that attracts the cockroaches to eat the bait. In addition to that cockroaches also have high sensing power that they easily find out when there is something to eat.

One of the significant features that cockroach gel bait has is when roaches eat the bait their bodies are also covered with gel bait. And the bait pesticide passes through roach to roach and the entire colony ends up eating the bait.

This resulted in the termination of entire cockroach colonies.

Effectiveness of gel bait

Gel bait effectively works against the large and small sizes of cockroaches. It also works efficiently the hard generation of cockroaches known as German Cockroaches – small cockroaches.

A study, states that gel bait terminates 99.9 % of the cockroach population. Besides that, it is also found out that it starts working in the first week of application. Gel bait kills ¾ of the population of cockroaches in the first week.

How to use gel bait

how to use gel bait


Gel bait has a simple application. They are easy to use, anyone can use them effectively in just three steps.

  1. Select your gel bait.

  2. Apply to the area of infestation (Especially in cracks and hollow spaces).

  3. Inspect and reapply the bait.

How to know if the gel is working

  • If you see fewer roaches roaming around and found out no quantity of gel bait at the time of re-application, then there is good news for you roach gel bait is working great for you.

  • You can also check on the roach leftover if you are one dealing with them too.cockroach dot

  • What to avoid when using gel bait

  • Never use the bait excessively thinking it will give the faster result.

  • Don’t use multiple repellents at one time it can cancel out the repelling power of the bait.

  • Buy fresh bait to old manufactured bait can result badly for some reason.

  • If you also have roaches eggs then deal with them as bait doesn’t work on eggs until they hatch. Bait has to be eaten to terminate roaches.

Advantage of gel bait

  • Attractive for cockroaches

  • Long term solution

  • Lessor non-toxic for humans

  • Easy to use and apply

  • Hassle-free solution



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