Why cockroaches are considered to be hard?

Ant, Spiders, Cockroaches, and Beetles are a few invaders which come to our house uninvited. Settled in the house as it is their house. In pest control out of all pests, cockroaches are especially famous pests.

Cockroaches are the most common and filthy pest out of all of them. They are famous as the most hated pest as well. Cockroach reproduction power is very fast as well, they can turn into infestation in a few weeks if not controlled. Pest control become more necessary in this situation.

Cockroaches have many species but out of all, German Cockroaches are eminent for invading houses and businesses. And when German cockroaches take over your home, then they can create the worst situation for you to encounter.

How do germen cockroaches look like?

The German cockroach has a brown dark parallel stripe that goes all over of body (from head to wings). German cockroaches are commonly smaller in size than other species. Almost all German cockroaches have come under the size of half an inch.

germen cockroach

What makes cockroaches stand out?

German cockroaches are the ones that we mostly found in houses, buildings, and offices. And there are some facts that make the German cockroach stand out from all the species.

  1. German cockroaches are very fast at reproduction.
  2. German cockroaches can reach adulthood in three months whereas other cockroaches reach adulthood in 12 months.
  3. A female cockroach can lay up to 30 eggs at one time, and they can produce eggs in five batches. That means 150 eggs at a time, which is much less than you think to infest your home.
  4. German cockroach eggs can hatch in about a month and will turn into infestation at your home with their colonies in no time.

As soon you see the sign of cockroaches in your home you should take some steps to control them immediately.

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Are cockroaches also dangerous?

Cockroaches are also known to spread allergic reactions to the human body. They are not particularly considered a dangerous pest, but the allergic reaction they give to us can be harmful to death. So in one can know them as a dangerous pest.


are cockroaches dangerous


Cockroaches also trigger asthma one of the most common problems among elders but extremely dangerous it can be. Cockroaches are unhygienic pests and also carry a variety of bacteria with them, and spread bacterial infection wherever they wander.

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According to WHO (World Health Organization) cockroaches are the carriers of diseases like dysentery, diarrhea, cholera, typhoid fever to name a few.

Precautions for cockroaches

Cockroaches are great scavengers and in absolute love with the unhygienic place so cleaning up can be the first step to stop them. But it is not enough as they can live in a completely clean place as well.

Eliminate the food sources – clean the clutter, boxes, and newspapers bundles.

Pests like to stay in moisture, and cockroaches too so check for the leakage sources and mend them if you any, keep the place like under the sink completely dry.

Cockroaches mostly wander at night in search of so keep the places clean and dry before going to sleep, clean all the crumbs, and wipe out all the water from the sink. Avoid leaving dishes in the sink, clean up dog food container.

Cover all the food in air-tight containers.

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