What happens when a little cockroach goes inside a dog's nose?

Cockroaches are the most common insect that can be found in almost every second house. The cockroach types that are usually found in houses are German Cockroaches and American cockroaches. Cockroaches like to live in warm, moist places the most and eat onto almost every substance including clothing, wallpaper paste, etc.
Cockroaches are so small that can easily enter through small gaps in vents, windows, doors, or openings in firewood places. A cockroach can also proceed through walls, so if the nearer apartment has a cockroach problem, it’s most likely that your apartment or house will have cockroaches too.

How can cockroaches pose threat to dogs?

Cockroaches see bigger pets like dogs as their predators, so we can relax on point they will scatter around or run away as soon they see any pets. However, it also has been found that in extreme conditions cockroaches can feed on your precious pets’ skin.


cockroach threat to dog


And your pet may end scratching themselves on the bite of cockroaches which can lead to skin infection and discomfort.
On the other hand, having cockroach infestation can also lead the situation like having cockroaches on pet food or water bowls. A situation like that can be disgusting unhygienic and unhealthy for your pets.

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Cockroaches as warning to pets?

Cockroaches are tiny and can crawl anywhere. And the warmth that is present inside the pets and even human ear make cockroaches crawl inside the ear and nose. It’s no wonder if I tell how uncomfortable it will be cockroach being inside the ear and nose.


cockroach are harmful

It will not come out as any symptoms that make the situation even problematic. As you wouldn’t able to find out what your precious pets are going through. And the situation may end with the dog getting sick.
On the other hand, roaches are a great source of bacteria including salmonella, which spread everywhere in your house by crawling here and there. If your pet comes into contact with the contaminated area, it can easily get sick.

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What if the dog eats the cockroach?

Although cockroaches are not poisonous themselves, so if your pet even if eat cockroach it’s not harmful. But the problem starts as cockroaches are scavengers and eat and crawl onto anything. So if your pet eats a cockroach that has eaten something poisonous or was covered in poison that can be dangerous.
Poisoning may be spread to terminate the insect or pest problem but if your pets end up eating that bait (cockroach poison), it can be highly unhealthy and can cause many allergies to your pets.

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How to prevent roaches from harming the pest?

At the point where cockroaches are started being problematic, prevention schemes for cockroaches are very important.


cockroach dot

Then comes Pai Organics Cockroach Dot, which is made to eliminate cockroaches but without harming your and the health of your pet.
Cockroach dot is an organic product that is completely safe even if your pet eats it.
It’s a DIY process and keeps the cockroach at bay organically. A cockroach dot is a gel bait that attracts cockroaches to it the bait and eventually kills them.

  • Nov 29, 2021
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Francesca Yuen July 08, 2023

This news is cool and interesting and my 10 months old dog ate a cockroach so this is a good thing for me.

Francesca Yuen July 08, 2023

This news is cool and interesting and my 10 months old dog ate a cockroach so this is a good thing for me.

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