What is natural pest control?

In really easy words Natural Pest Control is a method of controlling pests without using chemicals or without human involvement. Instead of living organisms and mechanical techniques are used.

An insect is so abundant sometimes that becomes the reason for using chemicals. But chemicals used to kill pests dangerous for the environment and human beings also. Chemical pesticides leave their substances on plants and surfaces which sustain for a longer time and harm the environment continually.

Chemical substances sometimes also kill the insect which is useful for plants. Pesticides which encompass chemicals in them pollute soil and water supply.

What is pest?

Pests are the insects which cause damage to plants, field, and homeowners belonging and also human itself. Some pests can be beneficial in some cases and dangerous in some.

  1. Aphids, termites, caterpillars to name a few are the kind of pests that can cause big damage to the plant.
  2. Termites can even damage the whole foundation of your house.  
  3. Beetles and weevils also troublemaker for plant leaves as they eat the leaves to stop their growth.
  4. Not only tiny-sized pests are the source of troublesome large-sized pests like monkeys and rats also can vandalize the whole field.

What is need for natural pest control?

If t weren’t about natural pest control we might be living as a guest into a world full of bugs. In some rural areas old ladies use homemade solutions to treat pests for a longer time and living chemical-free, pest-free, and completely safe life.

If we talk about common flies which we found in house very easily especially in the rainy season can be doubled many times if met ideal condition. Theoretically if one starts with 1 male and one female flies under an ideal situation they can produce 300 young approximately.

Using chemical pesticides to treat that large-scale population of insects is not possible. In this situation, natural pest control comes forward as a savior which plays a major role to get rid of the pest problem.

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Why to use natural control?

As we have discussed earlier using chemical substances or pesticides have a countless side effect to the environment and human being. There are three main reasons why we should avoid using pesticides and supposed to use natural techniques.


Pesticides are way more costly than using natural products or mechanical techniques as the natural procedure doesn’t require buying expensive material.

People's safety:

Many concerns came up related to pesticide exposure to human health. Many people have been suffering from skin allergies because of pesticides. Many reports had come up about pesticide exposure to water and air pollution. Approximately one million cases came up about the poisoning effect of pesticide in up to 20,000 ends up with death causes.

Safety for the environment:

Chemical which includes pesticides doesn’t kill the only insect which harms the plants but kills that insect too which are useful for plants.

Pesticides chemical stays on the surface for a longer time and harm the environment, animals, and birds.

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Natural Pest Control ways

Organic pest control product:

There are several products available in the market which are completely chemical-free and organic. Pest control products successful in eliminating the entire pest problem.

Pest control products for garden-



Natural pest control for garden



Pest control products for home-



Natural pest control for home




Plants can also be used as pest control products there is a wide range of plants which is used by horticulturist some of them are marigold, peppermint, citronella, chives, coriander, nasturtium, rosemary, and mint.

These plants not only keep the bug away from your sweet garden but will also spread a good aroma around your garden.

Essential oil:

Nowadays essential oil has entered its name in use as pesticides. There are numerous ranges of essential oil as lavender, neem, citronella, peppermint, and eucalyptus to name a few.

Mechanical technique:

When to come to treat macro pests like rodents, and large insects this is the best way to treat them without chemicals.

Using traps and sticky tapes are best to catch large insect-like cockroach.


With the increasing concern towards nature and using organic way natural pest control also has made difference. Our motive is to spread awareness about using a natural product instead of chemicals that kill you as well.

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