What is the best spray to control insects?

Pesticides uses are intended to terminate pest problems. Pesticides have a variety of different problems such as herbicides for weed control, insecticide for insects, fungicides for fungi, and so on.

We don’t only face insects in the field area, our house also has pests/ insects cockroaches, ants, rodents, and mosquitoes to name a few. To deal with household pests pesticides are easily available in the marketplace.

But being easily available doesn’t make it safer to use. Pesticides available for household use also consist of harsh chemicals that can be risky if not used carefully.

So here the question arises what should we use to control the insects? What will the best method to control this creepy crawlies? Let’s discuss methods that are effective and safe at the same time.

Control of cockroaches

Bay Leaves

Bay leaves are the spices that can make a dish special, we like the smell of bay leaves very much. But that is not the case with roaches they hate bay leave smell and can’t stand against it.

To use this method all you need to do is place the bay leaves in the corner of the room, kitchen. You can also crush the bay leaves and place the powder instead of the leaves. Place it near the roaches' nest to have a fast result.

Lemon / Lime slices

homemade solution for pest

Lemon has a fresh smell but this is the opposite for roaches. Lemons are a great repellent against roaches and even many other insects. They can’t withstand lemon.

Boric acid with Sugar

This is a splendid option to use against roaches. Make the bait by mixing a 3:1 ratio of boric acid and sugar. Sugar smell will attract the cockroaches to eat the bait whereas boric acid will work on terminating them.

Use Cockroach dot organic DIY product to get rid of roach infestation. It is an easy-to-use method.

Control of mosquito

Neem oil spray

Neem oil spray is a great repellent to use against the mosquito. To make this repellent add a few drops of neem essential oil, a few drops of liquid soap and water mix it well. Fill the spray bottle with the solution and your neem oil spray is all ready to use.

Organic pesticide

You can also buy organic repellent if you find making mosquito repellent difficult or time-consuming. Pai organics mosquito killer is one of the great repellents as well. It has essential oils with a lemony smell to deal with mosquito trouble.

Treatment for ants trails

Ants follow the path of other ants by the aroma the ants leave behind. So disrupting that aroma would be enough to break the ants’ trails. Lemon juice and mint leaves do a splendid job of erasing that smell ants leave.

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All in one solution for pest

All in one solution for home pest


When you face multiple pest problems at the same time it’s very frustrating to use a different product for a different pest. So here comes the solution you don’t need to worry about using different repellents.

General pest control is one solution for pests problem indoors or outdoors as well. It comes in a concentrated solution and you need to dilute it in water before use. And the spray is all ready to use.

Its organic solution is made of naturally extracted compounds from aromatic plants.

Safety uses of chemical-based pesticide

If you are likely to purchase pesticides then opt for the least toxic one. Always buy a limited amount of pesticides don’t bulk upon them. Read the instruction on how to use and safety precaution carefully before using.

Do mix two different kinds of pesticides can be dangerous.

Call the pest exterminator if you don’t know the correct way of using pesticides.

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