What is the right time for mosquito spray?

Have you ever wondered why mosquitoes don’t come in winter? You must have heard from elders that it's winter, the mosquito will not come. What is the logic behind that?

Mosquito is indeed an irritating creature. How many times do we have to deny the desire of being outside in summer! The mosquito doesn’t only irritate with buzzing, in addition to that they carry bacteria. The bacteria carried by a mosquito are passed on to the person too they suck the blood of.

Considering all the facts about mosquitoes makes it necessary to get rid of mosquitoes. But a question may strike your mind sometimes. What is the right time to spray against mosquitoes? Using the right product at right time makes it even more effective or easier to get the best results.

The mosquito life cycle: Male versus Female

Mosquito is species that have quite complex biology. Want to one interesting fact about the mosquito, only female mosquito bites us not male one. Male mosquito lives on nectar and other similar things. And male mosquito life spam is also very short.

Female mosquito lives more than double of the male mosquito (approx. from 3-4 weeks to up to 5 months), whereas male mosquito lives only 6 to 7 days. The lifetime of mosquitoes can differ with the species. 

The female mosquito lays eggs in standing water. Eggs will be developed in larva in anywhere between 48 hours to months depending on the temperature. 

Spraying according to the mosquito life cycle

As we know about the mosquito life cycle it will be quite easy to decide when to spray and what time should not be exceeded. 

To disrupt the mosquito life cycle, spraying should be done continuously for at least one week. In this duration, all the adult mosquitoes will be targeted. Make sure to cover all the target areas where you have encountered mosquitoes for the first week. 

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organic mosquito killer spray


After that, if mosquito appearance has lowered then you can switch to spraying once or twice a week. This will disrupt the mosquito breeding time and will make it less noticeable.

Mosquitoes only breed into standing water. Mosquito eggs can’t develop without coming in contact with standing water.

So will great help to your mosquito terminating mission if you dump all the standing water around your house. 

Tip – Adding some ground in any dump water will terminate the mosquito larva and will put an end to mosquito infestation.

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Weather conditions for mosquito treatment

We encounter mosquitoes in summer mostly. They tend to be highly active during the evening time. 

If we talk in terms of temperature they are active when the temperature is above 80 degrees. But can’t tolerate when the temperature goes below 50 ° f, and mostly die off. 

mosquito spray


So there is no need to treat mosquitoes during winters. But summer comes with lots of mosquitoes too. So terminate them as soon you see some before they turn into an infestation.

Can mosquitoes survive in cold?

Mosquitoes are cold-blooded and can’t stand against low temperatures. Cold temperature is a kind of enemy for them. But this isn’t the situation you will lower the temperature of your house for an hour or two and think mosquitoes will die. 

Although it differs with species on a general basis this is why we don’t see a lot of mosquitoes. 





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