What precautions should be taken for manure and pest control for a better field?

To keep the crops safe from pests, and plant diseases it is a must to take good care of plants. Pest control companies mostly say to keep spraying the plants with pesticides. But chemicals can raise more problems than they solve.

Natural farming includes nature to keep the crops at best nutrition, pests at bay, and soil life in balance. And this method is called Natural Pest Management or Integrated Pest Management.

Natural pest management keeps the plants safe from pests and plant disease naturally, and eventually, keeps our bodies and environment safe from harmful chemicals. Using Natural pest management as a base for crops, ensure to resolve of the problem as pesticide dependence or pesticide resistance.

If you are still desperate to use the pesticide or want to get instant or early results. It is necessary to know what is harming your crops, and how much damage is already done. Some pests are known as good pests you need to know if you have a good pest.

In case you have good pests as well as harmful pests then you must know how many good pests are being effective for you.

Precaution to be taken care of for plants

Healthy soil

healthy soil


Healthy soil provides a home to good pests. These pests help prevent many plant diseases and some harmful pests too.

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Plant at the right time

Diseases and pests often respond to weather like some plants don’t grow well in the rainy season, whereas some need the rainy season to grow at best. Noticing how the plant grows and conversing with other farmers about the growing methods can help with selecting the right time to plant.

For a particular, you grow every year change in time a little bit later or earlier, can make pest or disease die due to lack of food or make plant big enough to resists against plant respectively.

Space plants correctly

Planting crops limits the air and sunshine from reaching to root, resulting in bad health of crops and allowing disease and pests to thrive. Similarly planting them at more than the required distance can make the soil dry and allow weeds to grow.


precaution for healthy soil

Water from below

Watering the plant from height can splatter the pests on leaves. And also wet leaves can be a favorable place for disease to grow. Drip irrigation or flood irrigation is the best method to keep the plant leaves healthy.

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Precaution to be taken care of for person applying pest control

  1. Chemicals should not be applied on windy days or rainy days. Wind can be dangerous in terms of making chemicals go further away or in your eyes and skin whereas rain can wash off the pesticides too quickly.

  2. Pesticide chemicals should use in the right amount, strictly according to the instruction. More use can be responsible for making more damage to plant and less amount of pesticide can act as no use.

  3. Person spraying the pesticide should wear all the safety equipment like gloves, mask, glasses, garden apron, etc. And spray should be done while keeping the wind flow in mind.

  4. Person spraying the pesticide should wash hands and legs and face carefully after done spraying.

  5. It’s best to keep the pesticide containers different.

  6. Chemicals should not be inhaled and used during the evening or morning in hot summers.

  7. Pesticides should keep away from child reach.

  8. Containers should be cleaned with clean water after use.

  9. It is recommended that vegetables should be consumed after three days of chemical application. Even if you are using non-toxic pesticides vegetables should not be consumed before three days of application.

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