Too many cockroaches in the house – What does it indicate?

Do you have too many cockroaches suddenly? Are you worried about why did they enter your house? When are they going to exit your home? Too many questions with no answer – isn't that happening with you too? But no worries! You came to the right place and will leave with all the answers at the end of this article.

Cockroaches are common and nocturnal insects found all over the world. Unfortunately, cockroaches are incredibly resilient pests, and once they invade your home, it isn't easy to eliminate them. For example, cockroaches eat bread in your house without your permission.

Although cockroaches don't bite, they are the reason behind many diseases you go through. Some people even have to experience many kinds of allergies or asthma because of cockroaches.

Why does a cockroach make your home theirs?

However, filth invites cockroaches home, but it's not true in every situation. Sometimes all clean and tidy homes can undergo cockroach infestation. Warmth and moisture inside the house also invite cockroaches home.

Once the storm is in your house, finding food for cockroaches is no big task. And even if they don't see anything to eat for days, it's okay too. Cockroaches can live without having anything for three months.

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Where does cockroach hide in homes?

Cockroaches are flexible and adjust themselves anywhere. And they can hide so that no one can find them. They prefer to live in dark and moist places and hide in the dark. By considering cockroaches' ideal hiding ant-eating behavior, it can be estimated where they can hide.

  1. Their behavior of hiding in dark places makes them hide behind refrigerators, under sinks, in dark cabinets, and under stoves.

  2. They can flatten their bodies to hide in narrow areas like cracks and crevices.

  3. They primarily consume food at night and can devour various food; even non-food material makes them hide in spotless houses too.

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What indicates cockroach infestation?


what indicate cockroach infestation


The cockroach has a habit of coming out at night, and they hide all day, so if you start seeing a cockroach in the daytime, it might also indicate the cockroach infestation.

When cockroaches infest your residence, their residue is often visible—residue as in their feces, which looks like black pepper or coffee grounds.

The body of dead cockroaches can be found in case of infestation. Most pests have a solid musty odor, so as a cockroach. And this odor of cockroaches is very unpleasant for us.

Cockroaches get active in the dark, and you may not find a cockroach in day time quickly, but you will find their eggs in the place they hide behind furniture, refrigerator, and other areas.

Cockroaches also shed their body part as soon as they grow up. Cockroaches eat dead cockroach bodies and leave some parts like wings and antennae behind.

Get rid of cockroaches/ Prevention.

Cockroaches are indeed challenging to get rid of, but possible. If you take the step to get rid of cockroaches immediately, it will be easy to discard them soon. You should apply prevention schemes as more quickly you notice cockroaches at home instead of waiting for infestation.

Pai's Cockroach Dot

Pai's cockroach dot is gel bait that is organic and rated as "value for money" by Amazon. It has a lovely smell for a cockroach but is completely odorless for a person. It contains 0.05% of Fipronil worldwide used substance to kill the pest.


cockroach dot


Cockroach Dot is different from other products because it contains only 0.05% of Fipronil, which is considered organic because of the addition of it in a small amount.  

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Chemical pesticide or exterminator

Different pesticides like bug spray and powder pesticides are available to kill cockroaches. But, unfortunately, these products can quickly terminate the cockroach and remove the fun of your healthy life.

If you call the exterminator to treat your pest, they will kill all of them, even in less time than any other method. But have you ever asked them what chemical they use as a pesticide, which kills pests so fast? I am sure you didn't, and in some cases, if you did, they may use some excuse not to tell you.

If you know how harsh chemicals they use, you may not call them again for pest control. I suggest keeping a pest control exterminator as your last option for pest control.

Expect all other methods you can always choose a homemade solution to get rid of the cockroach.

Although cockroaches are such disgusting and filthy pests, still in some places cockroaches are considered good luck. For example, in many cultures, it is good or viewed as a way of incoming money if a cockroach crosses the path.

Despite all this, you must eliminate cockroaches, whatever they are, but they can give you many diseases, which is enough reason to stop them as soon as possible.

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