Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

Essential oils are capturing popularity worldwide not only for aromatherapy rather all over. Among them, lavender’s oil enhancing vogue is the favorite choice for beauty care and relaxation.

Lavender is grown in Northern America usually for extraction of its oil. Lavender essential oil is contrived by flower spikes of lavender of certain species. Lavender essential oil assembles through the distillation process and is highly concentrated.

Lavender oil is useful in many ways but some routines where lavender oil has shown exceptional results are; relaxation mechanism, improving hair health, beautiful looks, and stress reliever. Lavender oil has proved its significant role in medicines also.

Lavender Essential Oil in Medical terms

Lavender oil has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that can treat bug bites, minor burns, and irritation. Lavender oil also found as a cure to anxiety, restlessness, and some digestive issue and also work pain reliever in some cases.

Fungal Infection and wound healing

A study evinces that wound healing rate is comparatively faster by using lavender oil than in general terms. Lavender essential oils' anti-fungal properties make it superior to react when it comes to stop any fungal allergy.

The lavender essential oil which is extricated from the Lavandula genus of the lavender plant prevents membranes of fungal cells.

Anxiety disorder

Silexan is a lavender oil preparation available in 80 mg gelatine capsule used by doctors to treat anxiety patients. And silexam does a marvelous job to control people with anxiety disorder. The lavender scent also helps with people’s anxiety during dental treatment.

Premenstrual emotional syndrome

Many women afflicted with a range of symptoms in a premenstrual state known as PMS (Premenstrual Syndrome), choose to go for lavender aromatherapy. The research concludes that women who go for lavender aromatherapy could palliate premenstrual emotional symptoms, than those who don’t take lavender aromatherapy.

Lavender essential oil

Lavender Essential Oil for Hair Care

The lavender essential oil has many beneficial properties which can help to treat your hair problem and cure them.

Hair growth

Lavender oil when applied to the scalp releases stress, and stimulate hair growth. It may also help in baldness and alopecia-like hair problem. Lavender oils anti-fungal components speed up hair growth by increasing cells and speeding up blood circulation.

Control dandruff

Lavender oil is antimicrobial and anti-fungal and works as an antidote to any fungal infection in the skin and prevents dandruff and itchy scalp. The lavender essential oil also cures many other common hair and scalp issues.

Lavender Oil Hair Serum

Lavender hair serum is best for frizzy damaged hair, spilled ends, and oily hair. Although hair serum with lavender extract is available in the market they add a preservative to make the product work longer. So nothing would be better than making your own lavender oil hair serum.

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Lavender Essential Oil for Beauty Care

In numerous good effects of lavender oil, one is prominent for skincare benefits. The lavender essential oil has proven its ability in reducing acne, skin lightening, and wrinkles.

lavender oil benefits


Dry skin

If you are suffering from dry skin and get enough of that here comes the savior, lavender oil regulates sebum in a way that generated oil in the skin that is neither less nor too much.

Note: Sebum is a waxy and oily substance which is the reason behind oil production.

It also helps with itchy skin and eczema. For eczema mixing two drops of Tea Tree Essential Oil with an equal amount of lavender oil works even better.

Skin lightening

Lavender oil works as a skin inflammatory so reduce redness and also reduces dark spots, and pigmentation. Lavender oil is also a great source of skin lightning and lessens skin discoloration.

Face Wrinkles and Acne

Lavender oil kills bacteria and terminates acne breakouts. It also helps with opening the clog pores and reduces inflammation. For using lavender oil for acne diluting it in coconut oil is a great choice.

Lavender oil holds antioxidants in it and after applying it to skin protects skin from free radicals (radicals are the cause of wrinkles and fine lines).

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Lavender essential oil as Insect Repellent

Lavender oil is beneficial in a double way as an insect repellent. You can spray it on your skin to prevent yourself from mosquito or any other bug bites. Or you can also use lavender oil to itchy or red bumpy bug bites, lavender oil has an antibacterial property that treats itchy skin.

Lavender Essential Oil Side Effects

Don’t use lavender essential oil too much on the skin it’s highly concentrated and it can irritate the skin if overdue.

Never use it directly on the skin, always dilute it in a carrier oil before use.

If after using lavender essential oil it starts irritating your skin then remove it immediately it might be symptoms of you having an allergy to lavender.

Never ingest essential oil directly, or use them in the eyes, lavender essential oil is not made for eyes and ingesting directly.




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