Can we use mosquito spray in kitchen or not?

Mosquito spray becomes necessity of every house. Especially when summer and rainy season knock at the door, mosquito posses threat to our lives. It’s not only their buzzing that irritates us. But they carry bacteria which cause serious health damage.

When mosquitoes bite us they transfer the bacteria in our body. These bacteria lead to diseases such as dengue, malaria, chikungunya and many more. Sometimes this disease doesn’t threat our lives but they are harmful enough to take us to hospital and get us admit there.

Toxicity of mosquito killer

Similar to any other product toxicity of mosquito killer depends on the ingredients and the quantity of the substance it consist. Deet is used as active ingredient in most of the mosquito repellent.

Use of deet makes the repellent toxic for use to some extent. If not used carefully they can burn your skin in addition with if mistakenly inhaled it can be harm your respiratory system.

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Mosquito repellent use in kitchen

Anything that has chemical in it is not safe to use in kitchen. But we also can’t deny the fact we have to get rid of pest present in kitchen too.

We solutions most solution for that one is use organic and chemical free products, and second one is keep the food material and food away from direct contact with any chemical. If some food is sprayed mistakenly avoid consumption.

Wash the utensil if it comes in contact with mosquito repellent.  Also read the instruction carefully if the product is allowed to use near the area such as stove and refrigerator. Follow the instruction properly to avoid any health damage.

Organic v/s synthetic repellent

organic v/s chemical



S. No.

Organic repellent

Synthetic Repellent


Safe to use around kids and pets

It can cause harm to health on exposure



Not geed for the environment because of its resistance


Made by natural substances such as neem, lemon, eucalyptus, etc, or plant-based.

Man maid using chemicals to treat pest


No side effects

Can be harmful if comes into direct contact with skin, eyes, etc.



Toxic to some extent if not use carefully





Anyone can use

Need to follow the instruction carefully


Natural substance as an active ingredient

Deet or some other chemical as an active ingredient


Organic mosquito killer

Organic solutions for mosquitoes are more efficient to use. As they are safe and don’t cause any harm. Except for organic solutions you can also fall for substances available in the home such as lemon. Organic and natural solutions are reliable and safe from toxins.

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Pai Organics Mosquito killer

organic mosquito spray


It’s an organic product to deal with your mosquito product. It’s a blend of essential oil such as lemon eucalyptus, citronella, neem, and tulsi. It is deet free and completely natural and safe to use around kids and pets.

It’s an effortless mosquito solution and doesn’t leave any stain after use. Pai organic mosquito killer is kitchen safe formula, easy use the product.

This mosquito killer can save us from diseases like malaria and dengue in addition to no worry of chemical use.


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Annette January 18, 2023

Ive put slices of lemon with whole cloves on counter did not help. Can I use mosquito mats in my kitchen duri g the day and night when I pepare food?

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