Citrus plant – A natural remedy to challenge mosquito

Mosquitoes are the reason for millions of death. These little devils are possessing the biggest threat to human life. Mosquito spread diseases that are the reason for over 1 million deaths every year, and approx 700 million got diagnosed by it.

It is crucial and right to fight the mosquito and terminate them.

Mosquitos (both female and male) feed on the nectar for their survival. But female mosquitos need to feed on the human or animal blood for protein to produce eggs. Mosquitoes get attracted to co2 produced by human and animal bodies when they breathe.

The lifeline of male mosquitoes is only a few days whereas female mosquitoes can live from a few days to more than six months. It depends on the species of mosquito and how much they can survive in the world.

Female mosquitoes tend to suck on blood until it fills up the abdomen and if gets interrupted fill up the abdomen with other victims’ blood and then rest. This process goes on until the mosquito dies.

Citrus fruit for mosquito control

Citrus is a genus of shrubs and flowering trees. Fruits of this genus include lemon, lime, grapefruit, orange, tangelo, and many more. Some researchers also have proved the effectiveness of citrus essential oil against the mosquito.

Citrus essential oil works against both adult and larva stages of the mosquito. Citrus is a very efficient and effective way to control mosquitoes. Considering the fact it’s effective along with the fact, that it’s organic and safe to use make this method even more powerful.

As citrus is an organic solution it doesn’t possess any harm to pets and the environment.

Citrus fruit can be used in many different ways to get rid of mosquitoes. Let us discuss a few effectively working ways.

Lemon eucalyptus essential oil to terminate mosquito

Lemon eucalyptus essential oil is an effective mosquito repellent. It is very easy to use the solution as well. To make this repellent you need to add ½ cup of water with ½ cup of witch hazel (can be replaced with vinegar) and 30 to 40 drops of lemon eucalyptus oil.

Dilute the solution well and fill up the spray bottle, the spray is all ready to use. If you find the solution less effective just add a few more drops of essential oil.

Note – Although it’s an effective and organic solution against mosquitoes it is not safe to use around pets and kids.

Combination of garlic and lemon juice

Lemon juice can be used as a protection layer in the places you want to restrict bugs' entrance. Garlic is also a strong repellent for insects. Garlic has an allicin name compound that insects hate.

To make this repellent soak crushed garlic in mineral oil for a day. Then dilute the oil with water and some teaspoons of lemon juice. Shake the solution well before use.

Citrus peels for mosquito

citrus peels as mosquito repellent


Citrus peels contain a compound that can easily deal with mosquito larva and can terminate them. Not only that some research has proven that citrus scent can repel adult mosquitoes as well.

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But the problem is rubbing peels won’t protect you from a mosquito. You must extract the essential oil from peels and use that. As an alternative solution, you can use the citrus essential oil available online or marketplace.

We definitely can use chemicals to get rid of any pest problem. But when we can have an effective solution with an organic solution then why get ourselves at the risk of chemical use. Go organic save your planet and save yourself.

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