DIY Pest Control for Residential

Weather to choosing DIY (Do It Yourself) pest control or pest control exterminator is always going in the persons' mind. Which one will result best, be less time-consuming, and be cheaper to apply? With the growing trends, almost all homeowners want to implement DIY.

DIY is easier to use and people can apply it according to their preferences, which makes it even more intrusting for homeowners. Using chemicals is not favorable for families with children, golden age people, pets, and the person with some medical issue.

Whatever way you choose, prevention and keeping safe is the key point to keep in mind for controlling household pests. Here are some DIY to get rid of all pests from your house.

Keep the house clean 

keeping it clean has a long definition, what I am trying to tell you here is filth and moisture attract pests. So keeping clutter, moisture, and crumbles out will also keep pests out.

The kitchen especially is like the dream place for pests, and managing the kitchen will abort many pests from staying in your house. So clean the crumbles, wipe out the water, and dry the sink every night before going to sleep.

  1. Make mopping, sweeping, and vacuuming your daily routine. And if vacuuming and mopping are not possible daily then make sure to do it at least every 3 to 4 days.

  2. Use garbage container with closing lid.

  3. Maintain your drainage system check it once a week if it has any problem or not.

  4. Don’t let standing water place in or around your house.

Cockroach Dot – To keep cockroaches out of the house

Cockroach dot


The cockroach is a very common problem that exists all over the world. Every woman must have to deal with cockroaches once in her life, and some even got fade up now with handling cockroaches but nothing works.

If you try everything you can for cockroaches you can as DIY, once try Pai’s Cockroach Dot you don’t have to use anything after that.

Cockroach dot based on gel bait technology, it attracts cockroach. When cockroaches come out in search of food they will attract to the gel and eat it, and also will invite other cockroaches to eat it. And the entire cockroach will end in few hours after having this yummy gel dinner.

Cockroach dot also has a variant with easy application Injection to use.

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Anti Mosquito Spray – Best Mosquito Repellent

With the spring season comes mosquitoes also make their way inside your house. It doesn’t end here when with making you irritated by their buzzing they also start giving you many kinds of serious diseases Malaria, Dengue, and Zika virus to name a few.

anti mosquito spray


But you don’t want to use the solution as a chemical that will solve the mosquito problem but will give another tension. Then will be the perfect solution for you to apply. The Anti-Mosquito Spray is completely organic and will fill your house with a fresh lemon aroma.

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Get rid of ants – Using Ants Spray

Ants don’t choose any season to invade your house whenever they feel like it. They're not particular any reason why they come into your house. They usually go around in trails make holes in corners of wood and walls.

ant spray

Ant Spray will end these trails with its fragrance. Ants can’t see they just follow the scent other ants leave for them. And Ant spray will clean this scent and due to not finding any path to follow they just go.

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Common pest solution – General Pest control

Some people are in search of some solution that controls the pest inside their home and outside pest as well. As it is not possible to use different pest control for every pest they have in their house.

General pest control

General pest control is the right choice for such people described above. All you need to do is mix this concentrated solution of General pest control with water. Fill the spray bottle with this solution and spray 2 to 3 shots in every hiding place, corner and also spray some shots outside of your house to keep pests away from your house.

Bed Bug Killer - for peaceful nights

Are bed bugs also stealing your peaceful night's sleep? And you also stressed out about getting rid of these little creatures living in your bed. Then your search may have come to an end with this article.

Bed bug killer


Pai’s Bed Bug Killer is made by special formula to deal with these little and very hard-to-kill pests. Bed bug killers kill bed bugs by the dehydration process. This comes in very fine powder which will go inside very little space bed bugs are hiding in.

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This product is completely organic and you also don’t need to empty your house or leave your room to use this powder.

Even using DIY also needs to use with precaution and safety. And after using these methods do follow precaution techniques so that these little pest name creatures will never invade your home ever again.

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