Everything you are curious to know about pest control products?

What is pest control?

In simple words, pest control is a technique to get rid of unwanted guests (pests like cockroaches, ants, mosquitoes, etc) present in our house. Pest control can be done by various approaches using pest control products (organic or chemical based), calling pest control exterminators, using natural techniques, etc.

The problem is everything works for some particular pest. And sometimes it concludes as a waste of time, money, and effort, which usually left us with fury and restiveness. This situation erects many questions such as “What should we should we use and should be avoided?”

Do’s and Don’ts for pest control

  1. The key point in the list of do’s for pest control is “Know Your Pest”.

  2. Try prevention first before going for any treatment.

  3. While handling pesticides, carry out them with extra care.

  4. Don’t use the chemicals inside the house, which are suggested to use open area or outside.

  5. Don’t think using pesticides quantity double will give fast results instead it can be turned into a disaster.

  6. Don’t switch the containers of pesticides if not necessary.

Which pest control is better for home either spray or Gel?

pesticide - spray or gel


It is very difficult to decide which is better to use at home because both products work on a different mechanism. And it is just a matter of preferences, that which technique you like using for your house. Both forms of product work incredibly.

 It depends on the person itself which they want to use, some choose gel maybe because they are allergic to strong odor or don’t prefer having strong odor nearby whereas some prefer using the spray.

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Is it safe to allow pest control in this present situation?

After dealing with such a big pandemic everyone is worried, everything that was close started to open again. But somewhere people face difficulty to use them as if they are safe or not.

Same with pest control, pest needs to control, but the question “Is it safe in this situation or not” put everyone at unease.

To be honest with this question it is necessary to put these invaders out of the house as soon as possible. They can even be more dangerous for you; they wander everywhere and can be a source of viruses to your house.

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But your concern is not wrong as well to solve that problem you can carry out the organic pest control treatment instead of chemical ones.

When we spray insecticide most of the mosquito dies but few live why? 


Insecticides are made to treat pests completely, terminate their infestation completely. But is some situation few pests still lives, it’s not because pesticides are not working. The reason behind this is few pests create the resistance in themselves to survive against pesticide chemicals.

If you drink cockroach killer and after vomit what will happen?

  • Somehow by mistake if you swallow cockroach killer or any other pesticide, you should immediately concern the doctor.

  • For first aid, it would be best if somehow you can vomit.

  • And in the case where you have vomited after swallow cockroach killer, wait for some time if you feel nothing wrong with your body, don’t feel uneasiness at all then you are completely fine you don’t need to be worried.

  • But if you feel any kind of uneasiness you should immediately contact the doctor.

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