FAQ (Frequently asked question) about repellents and their uses

As you know repellents are everyday uses whether it comes to residential, gardens, offices, etc. It is expected to have a question about what we use. We always get curious about something we use.

Especially when it comes to pest control repellents, many questions arise. What side effect does it have? How much time it will take to show the result? What quantity should I use to get good results? Will it cause harm if I use it directly?

So let's dig into the blog to know to get an answer to our entire question.

How much quantity of organic insect repellent should be used?

General pest control

Pai organic General pest control (GPC) is one product for all household pests. It is an organic formula in addition to neem extract. It is a completely safe and non-toxic solution. Safe for the environment and safe to use around kids as well. 

To use pai organics general pest control dilutes a little part of the GPC solution in the water. 

Fill up the spray bottle with the solution and it's all ready to use say bye-bye to all your home irritating pests.

  1. At first spray the solution every day for 4 to 6 days continually. Spray 3 shots in the air of every corner and 2 shots under the bed for the room area. Also, remember to spray most pest-infested areas such as behind the door.

  2. It can be used inside the home and as well outside the premises.

  3. Following the instruction well will get you the best results.

Can we use liquid mosquito repellent while cooking food?

harmful effects of pesticides

It depends on the toxicity level of the mosquito killer. It is preferred not to use any repellent while cooking with even 0.01% of toxicity. Also for a good result, it is instructed to close the doors after spraying the mosquito repellent.

Pai organics Mosquito killer is an organic formula made with a blend of essential oil to treat mosquitoes naturally. Furthermore, it is eco-friendly, and safe to use around kids. You can use it comfortably in the kitchen as well.

Note - It is suggested to keep away any ingestible food out of product reach. And cover the entire food item before you use the repellent.

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What happens if mosquito repellent liquid goes into eyes?

If you got pai organics mosquito repellent in your eyes, you may suffer from the burning in your eyes for a while. As Pai organics mosquito repellent includes lemon essential oil and some other essential oil which may cause little burn and watery eyes. 

Note – Prefer to wash the eye immediately you are exposed to the repellent.

Another form is that if you are exposed to some chemical-based repellent, book your appointment with a doctor right away for a checkup. It can cause permanent loss of vision along with burning.

Note – read the instruction label carefully before and repellent use to ensure your safety.

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