How to control mosquito larvae from pond without effect on plant and fish growth?

Mosquito is a trouble maker we all already know that right. They irritate us by buzzing in the ear. They are the root of hazardous diseases like Dengue, Chikungunia, malaria, Zeka virus, etc. They come back again and again.

Do you know why they come back again?

Before moving on further to this topic I want to ask you a few questions. Do you also love to visit your hometown?

If you love visiting your hometown then isn’t our responsibility to keep our hometown house safe. Of course, you might be thinking how is it even related?

Ok, think like that what if you visit your hometown but got dengue due to lots of mosquitoes there. Don’t you want to keep your favorite place safe?

We have written about how to get mosquitoes under control. We also have an article about how house mosquito larva can be controlled. But this doesn’t entirely solve the problem. We need to terminate the source of the problem.

Why do mosquitoes come back?

Do you also love to stay in the water during summer? And have a pond, mini fountain in your house and yard for coolness. But do you know they can biggest source of mosquito problems for you?

We usually use “sprays” or “good knight” to terminate mosquitoes from the house. But the problem doesn’t solve there as they come back again. The mistake we all do is avoiding the water source in our yard or garden.

Mosquito breeds in stagnant water. And pond, pool, etc water source in your yard becomes the biggest reason for their existence.

Where are mosquito larvae exist?

Only a female mosquito can lay eggs. When female mosquitoes suck upon human blood then they can lay eggs. The mosquito usually lays eggs in water. And when eggs hatch they developed into larvae.

A female mosquito can lay 100 eggs at a time. The most common sites where mosquitoes lay eggs include


mosquito larvae


  1. Ponds

  2. Birdbaths

  3. Gutters

  4. Empty pots

  5. Buckets

  6. Tiers

  7. Pools

The key to getting rid of mosquitoes is getting rid of the source first. We need to get rid of mosquito breeding. Mosquitoes breed in standing water. We can get rid of standing water from buckets, empty pots, old tires, empty buckets, etc.

We can also clean out the bird water feeder on daily basis. But what about the pool, ponds we can’t clean them, or empty them frequently.

How to kill mosquitoes naturally?

Let’s dig into the methods through which we can lessen the development of mosquito larvae.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a great repellent for mosquito larvae. Add apple cider vinegar in approx 15% of the water quantity to discourage the mosquito larvae.

Methods can’t b used with fish and plants

Organic methods for mosquito


Olive oil and vegetable oil are efficient enough to kill the mosquito larva immediately but they can’t be used with fish in water. And also do not add it to the birds' water feeder.

Dish soap or shampoo

Liquid dish soap works as a very effective method against mosquito larvae. A little amount of dish soap will be enough to terminate the mosquito larvae. This method will not have any side for your pant but can’t be used in water for birds, and where fish live.

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