Is it possible to cockroach can cut the steel?

Cockroaches are scary creatures that are known to make their way into anything. They are a disgusting and filthy pest that roams around everywhere in your house. They can easily find a way to the source of food scraps, and trash lying around nearby.
To prevent that all mesh we usually pack all the leftover food in foil wrap. We tend to think that the food is completely safe from cockroaches in the foil wrap. But unfortunately, that is not the case every time we wrap food in foil.
Aluminum foil wrap has its disadvantage and advantage both. Sometimes foil shine makes them run away, on the other hand, their strong mandibles make than chew through aluminum foil.

Can cockroach gnaw through foil?

Aluminum foil is thin and flimsy metal. And Roaches mandibles are strong enough to chew through aluminum foil. Roaches can easily rip the thin metal using their mandibles. Tinfoil is thicker than aluminum foil but it still tears.
We perverse our food using aluminum foil for many reasons. The main reason is using aluminum foil food can be easily molded and preserved. But we also keep food warped into foil thinking it will be safe from cockroaches as well.
Although cockroaches don’t have teeth their mandibles are strong and sharp enough to chew through anything including plastic, aluminum foil, etc. Foil can create resistance to get into the food for cockroaches but it won’t take longer than a few minutes for cockroaches to reach.

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Does aluminum foil attract cockroaches?

cockroach and Aluminum foil


Aluminum foil matter plays no role in attracting cockroaches but cockroaches are drawn by food scent. Roaches have splendid power of sense smell and are highly attracted to a good scent. Wherever you put the food once they gain access it’s forever to go place.
Cockroach being anywhere you place your food is not only unhygienic but also very dangerous for your family's health. Cockroach carries bacteria and left them everywhere they go. And these bacteria play a vital role in making your family sick.

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Does aluminum foil scare roaches?

There is a myth that aluminum foil scare roaches away. Aluminum foil sometimes makes cockroaches run away but it doesn’t scare them always. Aluminum foil is a thin piece of metal that reflects flash if catches the light. This flashy light makes the cockroach run away from it.
Also sometimes shiny foil wrap makes cockroaches see their reflection in it which startle them.
Otherwise, roaches can easily eat the aluminum foil as it makes of metal. And cockroaches can eat any kind of organic matter. However aluminum foil doesn’t include in organic as doesn’t provide any protein to roaches.
But if cockroach can eat hair and skin flake in the absence of food, then why not foil which make them reach tasty food.

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Can roaches eat tin foil too?

tin foil


As I said earlier too roaches can eat anything in absence of food so the tin foil is no different. Earlier people used tin foil but it was replaced by an aluminum foil as tin foil leaves some kind of flavor on food.
In case if you thinking about using tin foil in place of aluminum foil. Tinfoil will not have any other results than aluminum foil.

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R wood October 31, 2023

I got pictures where roaches eat through a can of cranberries.

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