Whether the dengue is spread by a male or female mosquito?

Mosquitoes are such a troublemaker and headache providers. And it becomes even more stressful if they give deadly diseases as well. Especially when it’s about the dengue mosquito, it horrifies us. This is even scarier because we can’t distinguish between normal and dengue mosquitoes.
To distinguish between normal and dengue mosquito we need to know how dengue mosquito looks like. Does normal mosquito-spread dengue? Is dengue spread by a special mosquito? Who spread dengue female or male mosquitoes?

What type of mosquito spread dengue?

Dengue is not a mosquito type. Dengue is a virus that is spread by infected female Aedes mosquitoes. Female mosquito requires a blood meal for the development of an egg. Globally Aedes Aegypti mosquitoes are the reason for Dengue infection.


bitten by dengue mosquito


Male mosquitoes only get their meal through plants so do not bite people. And also do not spread diseases.
Mosquitoes carry the dengue virus by sucking blood from the dengue-infected person. The cycle for dengue virus spread in humans is “human to mosquito, mosquito to human”. Once the mosquito is infected by dengue they stay infected by this virus for a lifetime.

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Some fun facts about mosquito

dengue mosquito
dengue mosquito


  • Male mosquitoes are smaller than a female mosquitoes.

  • The female mosquito has sharper (needle-like) proboscis than the male, which they use for biting.

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