Are bed bug bites on the body temporary?


Bed bugs are minor 1 to 7-millimeter-long insects/pests that feed on humans or animals' blood. Bed bugs usually live in small corners of the bed, wall, mattress, carpet, clothing, and other belongings. Bed bugs are 100% active at night, so they can easily feed on human blood while sleeping.

Bed bugs are prominent for their itchy, annoying bites. Bed bug bites are not harmful except they are itchy, but one should get rid of bed bugs as soon as possible. When these itchy bed bugs continue to bite you, they become a nuisance, and bed bug bites are painful too.

Although bites are not painful when they bite you, bed bug releases some chemical which not let you feel any pain. Use bed bug killers to terminate bed bugs organically.

Although it is tough to detect bed bugs unless they infest your house, they are tiny. And their bites also look like any other insect bites. And sometimes, it takes 3 to 4 days to bed bug bites appear on the skin.

What do bed bug bites look like?

Bed bug bites pop as a light red mark on the skin with a fair complexion and dark spots on the skin with a dark face. Sometimes bed bug bites don't appear right after bed bug bites you. Instead, it takes 3 to 4 days to appear.

Bed bug usually bites a person in a bunch of bites instead of biting only once. The Bed bug can bite you everywhere, but they prefer to chew on the uncovered part of your body like hands, legs, neck, back, and face. The back, abdomen, and arms (usually the upper body) are their favorite part to bite you on.

Bed bug bites are enough big and red that they are visible easily to the naked eye. But a bed bug looks like any other mosquito or flea bite, which makes it difficult to tell if the red mark is due to a bed bug or mosquito. The only difference is bed bug tends to bite you multiple times in a single spot which mosquito doesn't do.

difference between mosquito, flea, bed bug bites

How long do bed bug bites stay?

Bed bug bites automatically disappear from the skin in approximately 14 days. But symptoms of bug bites vary with a different persons, and the timing also varies. Usually, bed bug bites vanish in almost 7 to 14 days (under 1 or 2 weeks), but for some, it takes longer to disappear.

People with sensitive skin may have suffered from bed bug bites for three weeks, and symptoms also appear on their skin in approximately an hour.

But the situation can be different for those with a bed bug infestation. The old bed bug bite may vanish, but new ones will appear continuously, making them look like bud bug bites never disappear.

How to prevent bed bug bites?

Although, in most cases, bed bug stays for 1 to 2 weeks, the itchiness in bed bug bites may make us desperate to get rid of them early. And using some techniques may help to get rid of bed bug bites sooner.

  1. First, wash them with running water and soap to treat bed bug bites to clean all the dirt from or around them.
  2. The use of anti-itch cream and calamine lotion may help with itchy skin.
  3. Take oral antihistamines in case of high inflammation and itchy skin.
  4. If you have encountered painful bites or swollen areas, you can take a pain reliever to reduce the pain.

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Home remedies to treat bed bug bites:

  1. Use an ice pack to treat or soothe bed bug bites. Or use ice wrapped in a towel.
  2. A thin paste of baking soda and water also helps to relieve pain.
  3. You can also use essential oil to treat the bitten area. Essential oil helps to reduce inflammation and redness in bites. And reduces the chances of any other infection.
  4. Suggest Camphor essential oil found to work best for bed bug bites. Some other essential oil also helps to reduce redness and inflammation.

If you have any other reactions because of bed bug bites, immediately go to the doctor to treat them.

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Is bed bug bites dangerous?

If bed bug bites are infected, a question may arise "Is bed bug bites dangerous?" In significant cases, bed bug bites are not dangerous. Even in searches, it has yet to be proven that bed bugs can be difficult. But getting rid of bed bugs as soon as possible is still necessary.

They are very nuisance, and bed bug bites daily will be more problematic. Use Pai's bed bug killer to get rid f bed bugs organically.  

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