Bed bug infestation control methods in buses and railway coaches?

Bed bug the dangerous pest

Most of us are aware of the bed bug problem. They mostly live in places like mattresses, furniture, bed cracks, small cervices present in walls. They are also able to hide behind baseboards, wallpaper, picture frames, and switchboards.

These bloodsuckers can wreck a lot of disasters at your house. They stay in your bed with you and gift you lots of bites at night which usually results in pain full and itchy red welts.

Bed bugs are deadly pest and very hard to get rid of there are certain factors which makes them even harder to getting rid of. Some of them are

  1. Having a lot of clutter

  2. Traveling very often

  3. Switching bed and room after knowing about bed bug present in bed (it makes the infestation spread even more)

  4. Traveling often in local trains or buses

Can bed bug infestation be the result of public transportation?

If I answer in simple words, Yes! You can have bed bug infestation from public transportation. The bed bug can be found in taxis, buses, trains, school buses, and rideshare taxis. When you travel in local buses having bed bugs, they may stick to your clothes and luggage and come to your home.

Bed bugs live and grow wherever they can easily feed on human blood. So it is no surprise if they are found on public transport. And also these public transport vehicles have cracks and places to hide easily in seat corners and gaps. And these bloodsuckers don’t have to do much work to get their meal.


bed bug in transport


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One might encounter a lot of different types of insects during travel which makes it difficult to identify bed bugs. So to make it easier for you to identify them, they look brownish red, their size can vary from 5 to 7 mm in length, almost look like apple seed in size.

How to avoid bed bugs in public transport?

Bed bug infestation has risen from past some years, so public transport companies also have trained their staff. So if there are any signs of bed bugs they can report, the problem can be solved. Some companies even have a contract with pest control companies, and they check for problems from time to time.

But still, we don’t know if sitting beside you, have bed bugs attached to their stuff or luggage. And what if the bed bugs are now been stick to your seat and eventually to your clothes or stuff as well. so it will be great if we keep some precaution while traveling in local transport.

  • It would be better if you choose seats that are made of plastic instead of wooden if possible. Because bed bugs are more likely to live in wooden, plastic seats are slippery for them to crawl on.

  • If your route is not too long choose standing instead of sitting on a seat covered with fabric. That way you can stop bed bugs to stick to your clothes or luggage.

  • Keep your purse, laptop, or other small belongings on your lap instead of other seats or under the seat.


avoid bed bugs in bus


  • When you are traveling in train or airplane inspects your seats properly, check for dark fecal spots or bed bug near the cervices or corner, to prevent yourself twig with bed bugs problem.

  • It would be good if you can use your blanket or pillow instead of the ones provided by airlines, during travel on planes.

  • Wear full clothes, and don’t let your skin exposed so that bed bugs can’t easily bite you.

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