Bed bug infestation - A big problem

Bed bugs are tiny (approx 5 millimeters), flat, brownish, and oval-shaped pests. Their smallness empowers them to hide in a place nobody can notice quickly. Their body is rigid and inflexible, and bed bug reproduces quickly. These little bugs can live for months without a meal.

A healthy female bed bug can lay approx 500 eggs in her lifetime. Although bed bugs have flattened bodies, they become reddish, and their body swells up after feeding on your blood. And the immature bed bug sheds its skin five times before reaching maturity.

Bed bugs cannot fly but move very fast on walls and surfaces. So it will be a wonder if somehow they got into your home; they will be infested all over it.

How do bed bugs come inside your home?

Bed bugs usually invade your home through your luggage. Bed bug infestation is usually a big problem in residential areas like hotels and households. They come with your luggage and hide in your house's tiny places like bedding, cervixes, bed frames, carpet, etc.

Bed bugs can come with you, and guests arrive at your home. So if you have to go the places where bed bug infestation is a problem, then they will travel with as to your home as well. Or if a person came to you with an infestation of bed bugs, you may also have an infestation after they leave.

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Sign of bed bug infestation

Bed bugs live on blood, so if you have a bed bug infestation, that does not indicate that your house consists of filth. Bed bug infestation may be a problem in 5-star hotels, considered the cleanest place.

sign of bed bug infestation


  1. If you wake up and notice some red welts which weren't there when you went to sleep, this indicates a bed bug infestation.

  2. If you suddenly start finding blood stains on your pillow and bed sheet, bed bugs might be the reason, especially if you have recently bought second-hand furniture.

  3. When you wake up, notice the dark and rusty spot on the bedsheet.

  4. Finding eggshells, shed skin, and fecal spots of bed bugs directly indicates an infestation.

  5. If you suspect an offensive musty odor, it may be because of bed bug infestation.

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Inspection of bed bug infestation

  1. If you find any sign of infestation, check correctly to confirm where else you have an infestation.

  2. Remove the dust cover, take off the boxes to check the bottom, and closely inspect the bed frames and cervixes. Check the wood frames and walls that crack even wider like a toothpick.

  3. Examine the area around the bed, and also check the books selves. Inspect the corner of the sofa and under the carpet as well.

  4. Include checking on the closet as well; bed bugs can attach to your cloth, and an infestation can also be done in the closet.  

If you find an infestation of bed bugs anywhere, get rid of them immediately. And if you are still trying to figure out bed bug infestation or have doubts about it - what if you have an infestation in other places? Call an exterminator to check for bed bug infestation places.

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Are bed bugs hard to get rid of?

Yes, is the simple answer to the question, "Are bed bugs hard to get rid of?" It isn't a problem that can be solved using some spray once. The expert must be treated at least twice or thrice to make any bed bug-free accommodation.

  • The biggest reason behind this is their behavior; their rigid body and tiny size make them hide in the minor crack you have in your house.

  • Another thing that makes it difficult to get rid of the bed bug is they make themselves resistant to the chemical or pesticides used to kill them.

  • Bed bugs multiply so quickly that even if only one egg or one-bed bug is left behind hiding somewhere, they will infest your home in no time again.

        Bed bug killer


        Using organic Pai's Bed bug Killer can make it easy for you to eliminate bed bug from your home.

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        How to get rid of bed bugs?

        To get rid of bed bugs heat treatment, cold treatment, and pesticides are used. Organic pesticide options like Pai’s bed bug killer are also available now to get rid of bed bugs fast. In the case of chemical methods pyrethrins and pyrethroids are also available to end the bed bug infestation.

        1. Over everything, the home cleaning method should be the starting of your treatment, especially if you are treating bed bugs by yourself.

        2. Never forgot to retreat or repeat the method for getting rid of bed bugs.

        3. You can always call the exterminator to get rid of bed bugs.

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