How to get rid of bed bugs in ply?

Bed bugs are tiny-sized species or pests that have reappeared widely, especially in the US (United States). They also start appearing in India too. Bed bugs multiply quickly and are very hard to get rid of.

The bed bug population made people think about the prevention schemes for the bed bug and how to get rid of them. However, one thing you must know before employing any method of getting rid of a bed bug depends on the infestation level of these stubborn pests.

Although bed bugs don't escalate diseases like other insects, mosquitoes, and ticks, to name a few, we will discuss the approach you should apply to end this bed bug problem.

Know the problem

The first step to eliminating bed bugs is to find out where you have a bed bug infestation. Inspect the places where people sit or rest for a long time, like beds and sofas, especially in the corners and crevices.

Use magnifying if you have one, adult bed bugs that are reddish-brown and have an oval-shaped or flattened body. In contrast, bed bugs starting stage and eggs cannot detect with eyes unless they are in large quantities.

Bed bugs also leave a strange smell and dark spots behind. Bed bugs' small bodies and shapes make them very hard to detect. Bed bugs usually hide in bed frames, sofa corners, and under the carpet, where they can easily reach humans to bite them.

Prepare for treatment

Preparing for treatment will make bed bug control much more effective. Start your preparation by cleaning the premises and isolating stuff in a plastic bag that is present in the infested area.


Bed Bug life cycle (know bed bug to kill them)



Step 1 striping the bed

Remove the bedding, and cover and directly put them in a plastic bag along with blankets, comforters, and pillow covers to stop the infestation from spreading more.

Wash the bedding, cover, and blankets in hot water for 30 minutes, and dry them for 30 minutes at high temperatures. Discard the plastic bag-infested items were in.

Vacuum the infested area and bed frames, baseboards, furniture, and dresser drawers, and isolate the whole area until the bed bug is not completely removed.

Eject the disposal of a vacuum cleaner into a plastic bag and eliminate it outside as soon as possible.

Step 2 Encasement

The second valuable and effective way of eliminating bed bugs is to encase the bed and stuff. Encasement will seal the bed bug inside and block the establishment from outside.

A special zipped sheet is used to achieve this, and this method is cheaper than replacing mattresses. In addition, it will prevent bed bugs from infesting the mattress again, cover the hiding area, and make it easier to locate bed bugs.

It has to leave on for at least a year so that there is no chance for you to get an infestation again.

Elimination of bed bugs 

After vacuuming the whole area, it's time to fight bed bugs. In bunch of methods, some methods entail getting rid of bed bugs, whereas some are fast to result but use very harsh chemicals, which is also dangerous for us.

Bed bug elimination without chemical

Bed bugs are deadly pests and very hard to deal with, so it is often thought that eradicating bed bugs is impossible without using a chemical. But some techniques can terminate bed bugs without chemicals.


Bed bugs die when the temperature is more than 45° C or 114° F. 

Unveiling bed bugs with heat higher than 45° C for an hour will end all stages of bed bugs rapidly.  

However, this process has a disadvantage because of high heat bed bugs will try to hide where heat can't reach them.

Having high heat for more than a day will solve this problem.


Same as heat Bed bugs can't stand low heat too. If the room temperature is less than -18° C or 0°F, then all bed bugs with their eggs will be eliminated.

But the problem is how to turn the room's climate that much low.

Using instant freezing gas will not work out as a high gas flow can blow the bed bugs.

For cold to reach the object's center point, it must be left at a low temperature for at least four days or more.

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Organic pesticides


Bed Bug Killer


You can use bed bug killer powder available online to eliminate bed bugs. Try Pai's Bed Bug Killer, which is entirely organic and made with a unique formula to eliminate the bed bug.

Bed bug elimination with chemical

If you want a fast response on any condition, you can use pesticides to kill bed bugs. Spray the pesticide everywhere you think you have a bed bug infestation problem.

Bed bugs take advantage of the corners, cervixes, and cracks and mostly tend to hide in small, easily detectable places.

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Pest Control

You can always call pest control services to avoid involvement and want an exterminator to do it all. But keep this as your last option, as pest control services use harsh chemicals to treat bed bugs.

Pest control chemicals can harm your precious family's health, especially if you have kids and golden-age people in your family. Or if someone has an allergy or health issues, send them somewhere else for a few days.

Killing bed bugs in ply is no different than eliminating bed frames, cracks, and crevices. Whatever technique you use to terminate bed bugs, make sure not to forget any damages or hiding places. Bed bugs love to hide in unusual places.

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