How to get rid of cockroach breading or cockroach forever?

After once getting rid of cockroaches disgusting, and filthy pest-like cockroaches. But if start locating them in your house, Questions arise like “Can I ever get rid of cockroaches permanently?" It’s no wonder if you also have this kind of feeling.
Don’t worry! Getting rid of cockroaches permanently is possible. You just need to pay a little bit extra attention to the cockroach problem. Let’s dig into the concept of getting rid of these troublemaker invaders permanently.

Why pest control is necessary?

Know the reason for cockroach existence

Did you know why cockroach come?


“I have gotten rid of cockroaches but why are they at my house again. Why do they keep coming back to my house only? Will they ever leave my house forever? Have I done something wrongly? “Does it sound like your story too?

If yes you probably have been applying pesticides and keeping your home clean. You must have killed all the cockroaches that come in your way. But the problem is “if you are seeing one or two cockroaches there must have more cockroaches hiding.”

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Plan to solve the problem

To get rid of cockroaches forever you must follow some steps.
Step 1. Detect the problem
Step 2. Use Pesticides/Natural ways to get rid of cockroach/Organic Solution
Step 3. Defense – Repair, and seal
Step 4. Precaution

Detect the problem

If you have seen the cockroach try to find out what kind of cockroach you have. What is the size of a cockroach?
The biggest thing finds from where they are coming from. Locate their nests where they breed. If you once find out the source it will be way easier to deal with them.

Indication of cockroach infestation

Some of the most common locations where these scavengers prefer hiding and coming from are cracks in the wall, space in window frames, vents, plumbing areas, etc.
You check these places as a priority and also don’t forget to check behind the freeze, drawers, under the sink, etc.
As a first step, you can place the roach traps to places where you have the most cockroach infestation. Also, place the traps near their nest, and hiding place.

Use Pesticides/Natural ways to get rid of cockroach/Organic Solution

The next includes the solution to eliminate the problem. For this step, you have several choices to kill the cockroaches and keep them at bay. These solutions include Natural ways, Pesticides, and organic products.
You can choose any method according to your preference.


cockroach dot



I will suggest starting with gel bait which is also available in organic form (Pai Organic Cockroach Dot). Cockroach Dot Gel bait is a safe, organic, effective, eco-friendly, and not messy solution to get rid of cockroaches.

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Defense – Repair, and seal

This is the step that is avoided by most of the person. And the result is cockroach comes back again through the same space.
There is also a myth that cockroach only infests homes with unhygienic places. And think if you keep the home clean cockroach will not come. But the fact is cockroaches can come and live anywhere they find food and water.
So the defense starts with repairing the cracks, holes, gaps, and plumbing problems. Also, check the pipelining and repair if you have any leakage. Mend the gaps presents in vents of the kitchen and bathrooms if there exist any.
Cockroaches are highly attracted to moisture places so also deal with a drainage problem.

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After getting rid of cockroaches never forgot that for keeping cockroaches at bay you have to follow some precautions as well.

cockroach precaution
  • Clean the house thoroughly.

  • Don’t let clutter collect.

  • Keep an eye on the problem you have mend during defense (like drainage, holes, cracks) if your new ones.

  • Keep the rooms ventilated properly.

  • Wipe down the water before going to bed.

  • Store the food in an airtight package. And clean after and food crabs on the floor or around pet food.

If you still face a cockroach problem, don’t hesitate to contact the expert.

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