How to make the best cockroach gel at home?

Cockroaches are known as a worldwide problem. These little pests are a big trouble maker. And what is even more frustrating is cockroaches make themselves settled in our kitchen, bathroom, etc. This is not enough, cockroaches multiply rapidly.

These scavengers also spread diseases. Sharing a house with these cringe-worthy pests is troublesome. If you are also tired of sharing your home and kitchen with these little ghosts. Then let’s dig into, to know about some techniques to get rid of cockroaches.

How to kill cockroaches

These home invaders are scary and can become scarier if they start flying as well. Getting rid of these pests is necessary. As cockroaches are not only disgusting but also spread many diseases. 

Is killing cockroaches without chemicals possible?

With the use right ingredient at right time can discard cockroaches at home too. You can use a variety of things to kill cockroaches without chemicals as well. 

  1. Homemade cockroach gel bait
  2. Organic pesticides
  3. Precaution

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Homemade cockroach gel bait

Sugar and Baking Soda


baking soda for cockroach


Baking soda and sugar are very common compounds that can easily be found in everyone's home. Baking soda is great to eliminate cockroaches whereas sugar works to invite the cockroach.

This is one of the best nontoxic solutions to eliminate the cockroach problem.

How to make the bait

Mix one cup of sugar in water and stir until sugar dissolves completely. Add one cup of baking soda into the solvent mix properly. The bait is ready to eliminate the cockroach. Add this solution in a small bottle cap size container and place it at places where you have seen most cockroaches.

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Boric acid 


boric acid for cockroach


Boric acid is counted as the best remedy to terminate the cockroach problem. Boric acid is easily available at any grocery store. Mix boric acid with sugar and flour to make the dough and divide it into small balls.

Sugar present in this will attract the cockroaches to eat the bait whereas boric acid will work as killing the cockroaches.

This bait is completely hassle-free, extremely effective, and naturally kills cockroaches.

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Just place the small balls at the places where cockroaches have been roaming around. And place the bait at the place where cockroaches mostly live like behind the refrigerator, cabinets in the kitchen, back of the drawers, and under the stoves.





If you are one of them who don’t want to kill cockroaches just want to make them run. Then this option is for you. The citrus smell is something that cockroach can’t stand and leave the place. 

Mix the citrus acid with water and spray it to place with most cockroaches. It’s the easiest and very convenient way to treat the cockroach problem. 

Bay leaves


bay leaves for cockroach


Similarly, with citrus bay leaves have a pungent smell that cockroaches can’t stand against? Also, bay leaves can easily be found at homes. 

All you need to do is pace the bay leaves the places where you have seen cockroaches. 

Cockroach Gel


cockroach dot - cockroach killer gel


Pai Organics cockroach gel is Organic gel bait that effectively put an end to the cockroach problem. The active ingredient of this gel bait is Fipronil. Fipronil is used internationally to kill cockroaches. 

  1. To keep people's safety in mind to meet the organic products standard only 0.05% amount of fipronil is used. 

  2. It's an eco-friendly and nontoxic product.

  3. It’s completely safe around kids.

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