What is 3 point strategy for pest control?

Controlling pests is a big challenge in everyone's life. In agriculture pest control is mostly achieved using chemicals. Recently controlling pests through organic methods becoming more famous. And essential oil has gain adulation as a pest control method. 

As pest is a nuisance and can ruin field and steels people peace it becomes necessary to get rid of them as soon as possible. Some organisms also include pests because they ruin crops such as bacteria, fungi, and many more.

People often get depressed by the thought, that what methodology they should use to get rid of pests completely and effectively. So there are 3 steps which you should majorly keep in mind when you are doing pest control in your house, field or garden, etc.

  1. Pest Identification

  2. Pest Control

  3. Prevention

Pest identification

Identification must be the first step of pest control. Precise knowledge of pest type also influences to know their growing behavior, their life cycle, what damage they cause, and what is most necessary which make pest grow. And all this information will lead to Successful pest control treatment.

Why identification is necessary

To control pests effectively it’s vital to know what you are dealing with. What so ever your pest is a weed, insect, fungi, animal to name a few, it will be great help controlling them if you knew them beforehand. It will also make the pest controlling process more effective and take less time in dealing with.

Using improper techniques or methods can lead to a waste of time and money as well. And sometimes can be the reason for other problems. And not only that, but it may also raise risks to human health and the environment.

How to identify the pest?

When it comes to house pets and animals it is easy to identify them. But it becomes strenuous when it’s about a pest problem in fields.

Examine the plant

If you think your plant may have a pest problem, before using any pesticide examine the plant, to check does it have a pest problem or some other problem? Check out the leaves, top, bottom, and soil of the plant.

Sometimes pest is not the problem besides the reason behind plant and soil bad health is less nutrition. Which unintentionally consider a pests problem.

Identify the pest behavior

When identifying the pest you might consider searching for its behavior first, since some pests are good for the plant, and eat other harmful plant-insect.

If you are unable to detect the pest - then should consider calling an exterminator, to find a pests problem for you.

Pest control

When you consider pest control is necessary, keep some points in mind before using any pest control method.

  • Use pest control if it causing more harm than expected.

  • Use the method of pest control which takes pest problems to a state, where pests don't harm your plants and soil, instead of choosing harsh chemicals.

  • Make sure you use the technique, which causes as little harm as possible, as it will indirect or direct way will harm the environment as well.

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Nowadays organic pest control is gaining popularity and essential and organic pesticides that contain “Neem” are used primarily.

Physical methods are used by many agriculturists and homeowners. Preferably in the situation of big-sized pests like mice.

For agriculture, tiny pest problem biological methods are approved more appropriately than any other methods. Biological methods cause no harm to the environment but are very harmful to the pest.

Biological methods are also known as IPM (Integrated Pest Management) methods.

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Prevention is an as important step as pest control itself. So that once you get rid of pests they never come again to disturb your peaceful life. Prevention gives you the benefit of knowing the pest problem in early stages, makes their control easy. Prevention schemes differ for households and agriculture.

Prevention for household

Household prevention mostly includes cleaning techniques.

  • Clear the clutter and remove the source of food and water for the pest.

  • Don’t through the garage just like that; instead, discard it in the closed lid garbage can.

  • Use a close lid or seal pack container for food to store.

  • Consider performing routine cleaning.

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Prevention techniques for agriculture

In agriculture, prevention needs to be done before and after pest control. And prevention is even more crucial to do in agriculture to get rid of pests or never getting them. Prevention can help you with knowing the ideal condition for pests so that you can remove them before pests come to your door.

Although organic farming has many rules farmers should have to keep an eye on the activities on the field. So that no issue becomes larger, that makes it difficult to get rid of.

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